unusual find herods well nr arromanches

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    hi a few years back me and a good mate were having a mooch around the site of herods well nr gold
    beach where the dorsets attacked this position, a field nearer to the town of arromanches by a wood where
    a firefight occured according to the Timeteam episode on D-day we found a few bullet casings and the lower half of a Royal Artillary cap badge, i was not aware that any RA units were in this immediate area??? can anyone shed any light on this!!!! the woods are to the rear of the wn position near to the road thanks Andy...
  2. Hello Andy,
    I believe that you mean Puits d'Hérode ? Place names are not supposed to be translated, and appropriate use of upper case initials and punctuation makes reading easier :D
    The RA unit might be 147 Field Regiment.

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