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    I don't understand your reply in post #20.

    I included a photo of the patch in post #16 above.

    Can you not see it?

    The Com Z patch incorporates the red, white, and blue Service of Supply patch with broken chains and red lightning bolts below, in an overall oval patch with blue background.

    The device on his overseas cap is the Distinctive Unit Insignia of the 368th EGSR, worn by enlisted personnel of that particular unit. Not all EGS regiments had a DSU. All personnel (officer and enlisted) in the Com Z would have worn the patch in post 16 above.
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    Here is low hanging fruit from the names on the back of the photo.

    Carl John Lenander Jr. (1906-1971) - Find a Grave...
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    Hello! Any chance you can reupload the document? It appears to have disappeared
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    Wow—thank you! Where did you find these? Do you know where I can get a hi-def rendering? Perhaps it’s my phone reducing resolution.
    Thank you!!
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    I don't remove what site i found them on

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