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    Looking for information / pics / details of units on Lype hill / common somerset shortly before D Day.
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    Does anyone have anymore info on this - Leslie Norman summary6 ( 6/1 ) any info greatly appreciated as I am a relative of Ern Farmer & own the watch mentioned in the articles.
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    Phillip Lofink Jr
    The 313th Infantry was stationed at Mabury Hall Camp, Cheshire, England until late May 1944 when they went to Lype Hill, Somersetshire to prepare for the D-day invasion

    Using the forums search engine provides a possible
    Locations of US forces in Somerset, 1944

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    This Leslie Norman is a Shepherd in the 1939 Register
    1939 England and Wales Register
    Name: Leslie R Norman
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Birth Date: 24 Dec 1919
    Residence Year: 1939
    Address: Gupworthy Farm
    Residence Place: Dulverton, Somerset, England
    Occupation: Shepherd
    Line Number: 35
    Schedule Number: 19
    Sub Schedule Number: 4
    Enumeration District: WPNQ
    Borough: Dulverton
    Registration district: 302-3

    Any good?



    Leslie Ralph Norman
    Birth 24 Dec 1919 Somerset, England
    Marriage 1945 Crediton, Devon, England
    Death 25 Jul 2009 Somerset, England
    Father Frederick John Norman (1884-1966)
    Mother Eveline Bessie Ridler Howe (1887-1948)
    Spouse Barbara A Rooke
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    Beaten by TD so this repeats some that he found. I have no more on the story but the individuals mentioned are possibly to be found in 1939 all living close to one another - Leslie Norman, John Fouracre, Arthur Hole and Ernest Farmer:

    Leslie R Norman dob 24 Dec 1919, single, living with parents at Gupworthy Farm, he was a shepherd.

    John Fouracre dob 19 July 1895, married to Emily, a farm worker living at Lower Goosemore.

    Arthur G Hole dob 26 Mar 1899, married to Susan, living at Gupworthy Cottage, he was a farm carter.

    Ernest Farmer dob 18 June 1885, single living at 'The Stub' (? The Stut), he is described as incapacitated through illness.

    Map attached.

    Old post here:
    Locations of US forces in Somerset, 1944

    Might be worth contacting:

    Somerset Military History – Local military history (
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    chevykev had posted in that thread back in 2013 but nobody answered him.
    I thought I'd move his posts on the same query into his latest thread he started today.
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    For chevykev and all (plus Tricky Dicky will never believe me but I'd already dug this out!)

    An unintended power nap (ok, old bloke fell asleep as result of a toast with Henry Weston) and perusal later and there you go. Not much, but hopefully better than nowt.

    If ever you good folks walk The Coleridge Way you'll see Lype Hill. Little changed today apart from lack of canvas.

    Kind regards, always,


    P.S. The "gang of four" in Tony56's post above have (for me) Auxiliary written all over them.

    History of 313th cover.jpg

    History of 313th frontispiece.jpg

    History of 313th page 66.jpg

    History of 313th page 67.jpg
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