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    Hello everyone I am searching for unit history details and or movement for this unit I am in the process of documenting a soldier's life who was killed in action on August 1st of 1943. A newspaper article states that his body was never recovered. I'm hoping to establish the manner in which he died and where he was when he died and I thought perhaps maybe someone here had researched this particular unit in the past and could maybe give me some insight or direction to take. Also I would love any pictures or anything like that as well. I have been unable to locate anyone who possibly served with him who might be able to give me some type of information so anything anyone can provide will be deeply appreciated.
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    As always, can you give us MORE info, the name of the soldier, where??…..have you tried to get his military records (which is HARD I know from the fire in 1970)….but some records are still available.

    Post anything else that you know, and I’ll see what I can do for you

    If your serious, you can also order the Unit’s Journal, which will give you details on “what they were doing that day”…….it will NOT give you names of KIA and wounded, but at least more detail on “where they were”.

    And this link gives you information on researching US military and links

    And US National Archives where you can search for info

    National Archives |
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    Battle of Troina - Wikipedia

    The Battle of Troina began on 31 July, when the Germans repelled an advance by the 39th Infantry, a 9th Infantry Division formation temporarily attached to the 1st Infantry Division, commanded by Major General Terry Allen. This setback forced Bradley and Allen to orchestrate a massive assault. Early on the first day of fighting, Sergeant Gerry H. Kisters of the 91st Cavalry was awarded the Medal of Honor for silencing two machine gun positions. Over the next six days the men of the 1st Infantry Division, together with elements of the 9th Division, a French Moroccan infantry battalion, 165 artillery pieces (divided among 9 battalions of 105-mm howitzers, 6 battalions of 155-mm howitzers, and 1 battalion of 155-mm "Long Tom" guns), and numerous Allied aircraft, were locked in combat with Troina's tenacious defenders. Control of key hilltop positions changed hands often, with the Germans and Italians launching more than two dozen counterattacks during the week-long battle. During one Italian counterattack, Lieutenant-Colonel Giuseppe Gianquinto's 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment of the 'Aosta' managed to take 40 American prisoners.[2]


    HyperWar: US Army in WWII: Sicily and the Surrender of Italy [Chapter 17]
    Chapter XVII
    The Battle of Troina
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    39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. Map shows location and action on the 1 Aug 1942 in Sicily



    The 39th Infantry Regiment was attached to the 1st Infantry Division during this time period

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    Excerpt from
    The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944

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