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    Can any one ID the airfield/huts in the photos. they were taken by Cpl Howard.R.Dow of the 820th Engineer Aviation Battalion [EAB] who built some airfields in England. The photos were taken in late 1943 & jan 1944. Debach was one of the airfields that they made, they spent 2 years in the UK on airfield construction. they went to Gosfield to assist the 816th EAB, in Sept 1943C Coy left Wattisham to do asphalt resurfacing at Horeham, Thorpe Abbots, Hardwick, Seething and Bungay Airdromes. Dec the 820th & 819th moved to Devizes for invasion training and A Coy moved to the area of Falmouth to participate in the first invasion maneuvers, [Exercise Duck]. One of the photos has Bongay Eng on it, i wonder if it should have had Bungay Eng. The 820th had a lot of history as it arrived off the Normandy coast on D Day + 1 but could not land until the 8th june on Omaha Beach. Original photos from my collection. The photos might be of more than one camp?.

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