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    Looking for contact detail for these US units based at Hannington, Wiltshire prior to D-Day

    563 Quartermaster Battalion, Headquarters, Hannington, Wiltshire

    592 Ordnance Ammunition Company, Hannington, Wiltshire

    626 Ordnance Ammunition Company, Hnnington, Wiltshire

    4049 Quartermaster Truck Company, Hannington, Wiltshire

    4050 Quartermaster Truck Company, Hannington, Wiltshire

    Believed to be black units with white officers. Went over to Normandy.
    Would there be any Veteran group website or war diaries?

    Thank you
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    Thanks for your help - I haven't found any photos of the units yet but this is what the village looks like now.
    One entering the village and the other the lane where they were camped both sides in fields.
    Look at for pictures of Hannington Hall
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    These US Units were stationed in the village of Hannington, Wiltshire from June to August 1944

    4049 Quartermaster Truck Company

    4050 Quartermaster Truck Company

    563 Quartermaster Battalion, HQ

    563 Quartermaster Truck Battalion

    592 Ordnance Ammunition Company

    626 Ordnance Ammunition Company

    I believe that they are all Black Ordnance Units. How can I find out what each unit comprised of (men & vehicles), what each did and where I can get more information about them, and photographs.

    Photo of approach to Hannington village 2018 - straight on to the very small village, right hand lane leads to fields where the Units camped and the wall is part of the Hanington Hall Estate.

    Many thanks DSCN4833.JPG
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