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    Hello, I found a bunch of photos from my grandfather while he was serving. I would love to learn more about what he did while he was in World War II, can anyone give me a hand? I uploaded some photos that I found and I did the best I could to get what was written on the front and back of the photos down.
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    Great photos, thanks for sharing! The first thing I would suggest to you is to also post your questions on the sister forum to this one, It's membership is mainly made of Americans, where as this one is mainly European. There will be many more people from that forum that will be able to help you. Second thing would be to locate a copy of his discharge papers. A family member may have a copy of this, if not the local courthouse where you grandfather lived after the war may have a copy at the Recorder of Deeds dept. that you can request. The discharge papers will not tell you everything, but will tell you a lot such as; service number, service dates, campaigns, medals and decorations etc. Lastly, you can obtain his entire military service file (which will include his discharge papers) from the NPRC in St. Louis,Missouri. Below is a link to the form you will need to obtain this and the instructions of how to do it. Good luck with your search and be sure to post what you find!
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