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Discussion in 'Germany' started by Kuno, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Whoever dropped it must have had prophetic abilities.
    ie near the Frankfurt headquarters of the European Central bank.
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    Whilst Germany today has considerable expertise in bomb disposal this has been gathered post war. There seems to have been very little in the way of UXB disposal expertise during the war certainly not the level of techniques and tools developed in Britain. From what little I've found the philosophy was "If it hasn't gone off by now it's not going to". If a bomb had to be dug out slave labour (usually Soviet POWs) was used to do this and the bomb dragged out using a very long steel rope and a winch. If, after this treatment, it still hadn't gone off it was loaded on a truck and taken away to be exploded by detonating charge.
    I could be wrong about this and perhaps somewhere there is an account of sophisticated war time German bomb disposal techniques (in German). Does anyone know?
    BTW in the 60s when one of 617's unexploded bouncing bombs was found the German disposal expert was baffled by the fuses and a telegram was sent to Britain asking for information only to be informed that, as the bomb was still on the secret list, he couldn't be told!

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