War Dairy - 29th Armoured Brigade, Operation Goodwood, Normandy

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    Hello everyone, I will forward you a question asked by Robert Curtis on the 11th Armoured Facebook group:
    Robert Curtis

    Brigadier Roscoe Harveys Batman, Trooper Charles William Bullock 7918820, 24th Lancers, seconded to HQ 29th Armoured Brigade. According to CWGC record died 11-9-44 aged 35yrs. Appears in Taurus Pursuant Roll of Honour as dying 5-9-44 at Amiens. A Casualty card confirms wounded 4-9-44 and placed into a casualty clearing station. The CWGC Grave Concentration Reprt Form shows him dying on 11-9-44 and originally being buried at Dury Les Amiens on the outskirts of Amiens. He was reburied on 27-6-46 at St. Sever Cemetary, Rouen. The family believe Charles was shot by a sniper while setting up a headquarters at a chateau. Before the war Charles was a flat racing jockey. Brigadier Harvey was always connected to horses, especially after the war. Information and photograph supplied by Nick Bullock, the Grandson of Charles. Can anyone add any further information about the day Charles was wounded? - perhaps in HQ 29th Armoured Brigade War Diary - does anyone have access? (around 4-9-44 period)

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    11th Armoured Division: From Normandy to the Baltic : I am posting the document that was forwarded to me by Valerie Donaldson
    Robert Curtis have the ongoing project to locate as many photographs as possible of these 930+ men of The 11th Armoured Division who died during the Normandy Campaign 6-6-44 to 31-8-44.


    Here is a full list of the 92 men whose photographs he currently hold on file:
    1st Battalion The Herefordshire Regiment
    - Richard Paul Barneby 63916, Charles Vincent Bell 4041611, Joseph Alfred Curtis 4036562, Sidney Horace Evans 4039307, Wilfred Gavin Finikin 4038567, Reginald Millward 4105859, Frederick Glyndwr Williams 13045954.
    2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry
    - John Sharp Adamson 421419, William Bayliss 7923094, Harold William Bilsland 7924495, Thomas Brooksbank 7878393, Joseph William Coulton 7935884, Frederick Christie 7892604, James Christie 7886405, Edward Patrick Crowley 14215259, Matthew Cruickshanks 421429, John Whitmarsh Fisher 14215288, Edward Arthur Griffiths 14313984, Hugh Patrick Hutton 7892695, John Keightley 7906965, Charles Patrick Ketteridge 2390778, Bertram Charles Lackie 7491845, James Hay Robertson Low 558557, William Kenneth Mathewson 88244, James McEwan 7894497, Donald Molyneux 7957812, Kenneth Robert Paskell 7957236, David John Patterson 7938863, Cecil Pritchard 311622, Clifford Rawlinson 7909574, Peter Reagen 7957245, James Bernard Scott 7891927, John Leslie Frederick Smith 7956170, David Sutherland 7894622, Stanley Thompson 7891937.
    2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry
    - Richard William Addington 5779408, Alfred Ernest Bayliss 7886652, Ronald Albert Edward Bradshaw 7892004, Mervyn Henry Burgess 7887310, William Edward Stephen Coveney 7883566, Walter French 4541356, Peter Augustus King 14401341, Norman Perkins Sharpe 276063, Ernest Henry Smith 7918794, John Leonard Smith 7888046, Norman Alan Spence 7896270, Frederick Walter Titcombe 7895925, John Owen Tooley 7894593.
    3rd Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment
    - George William Collins 176863, Jack Davage 3976988, Charles Forrester 4080685, John Henry France 105978, William Reginald Harbone 5118355, John Francis Keyes 174273, Ronald Vincent Millership 14295174, Kenneth John Price 4192589, Bert Kenneth Reynolds 69848, Howel Foster Richards 64041.
    8th Battalion The Rifle Brigade
    - Leonard Day 6921278, Albert Denney 6347854, Edward Morris Henegan 6921955, Michael Lane 232597, Albert Edward Lee 6923340, George Douglas Haig Littlepage 6969663, Walter Charles Madley 6923365, Harry William Perry 14413130, John Priestley 277438, Harry Read 6917496, Norman Arthur Reed 6969343, Soloman Rodkoff 6917264, William Alfred Steddy 6923560, Ernest Edward Samuel Sweetman 6923850, George William Tatman 6348495, Arthur Walter Taylor 6969359, Bernard Turner 6969000.
    151st Field Regiment The Ayrshire Yeomanry
    - Peter Sidney Yates Garrett 190754, Cornelius O'Neill 167515.
    HQ 159th Infantry Brigade
    - David Rhys Geraint Jones 247467.
    Inns of Court Regiment
    - Oliver John Sinnatt 261914, Thomas Smith 7941152.
    4th Battalion K.S.L.I.
    - Edwin John Davis 4037545, Samuel Herbert Gray 4037913, George Ernest Davies 4029892.
    15th/19th The Kings Royal Hussars
    - Brian Cornwall 14433711
    3rd Royal Tank Regiment
    - Denis Mathers 190646, Charles Clifford Remane 7928067
    23rd Hussars
    - Alfred Philip Packman 6351779, Robert Houlton Hart M.C. 237379, John Ross Webster 7927829.
    117 Battery, 75th Anti-Tank Regiment
    - Harold Bernard Crowther 184737, Lewis Westwood Marten 153616.
    13 Field Squadron Royal Engineers
    - William West Thompson 14240839
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