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  1. Hi looking for information from the war diaries of the Royal Engineers 232 field coy 50th nNorthumberland division particular the 16/05/1940 any body help
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    Reference: WO 167/983
    Description: 232 Field Park Company Royal Engineers
    Date: 1940 Jan.-June
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond TW9 4DU

    Record copying - The National Archives
  3. Thank you Mark Tried this already keep missing the deadline for some reason
  4. Hi Guys
    Any of you good people have any information on 232 field company 50th Northumberland division
    in particular a soldier called Ronny Creasy and was in Ressengen Herzele Belgium in May 1940
    Any information would be much appreciated
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    Not one of the BEF RE diaries that I have, unfortunately. I believe that Drew has it copied though. I've messaged him
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    The answer, well nearly a complete one is in this thread from 2011: Unknown Hurricane Pilot, Mid May 1940, Belgium The opening post was by the grandson of Mr Creasy (then 94yrs), who wanted to identify the pilot shot down, so he could tell his family what happened. The relative, Rob Creasy has not logged on since August 2011, but his email address is there.

    There are other threads on 232 Field Company, they do not refer to France / Belgium in 1940.
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  7. Thank you guys
    This was a fantastic help
    If this is confirmed by MR R Creasy who i have emailed, there is a strong possibility I know who this pilot was.
    I have been researching this pilot for more than 20 years and I also have researchers in Belgium on the ground doing the same.
    it was them who gave me the name of this man's grandfather
    So hopefully soon we will convince CWGC and they can put his name on the stone of this pilots final resting place.
    thanks again Gordon
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