War Diary - 27 Armd Bde Wksp REME - 1944

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    From: WO171/626:

    WO171/626 – 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME – 1944

    1 – 3 February 1944 C.O.: Major T.F.V. Mason
    [no entries]

    4 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    180 O.Rs and 3 officers (Capt. W.E. Rhodes in Command in the absence of Major T.F.V. Mason & Capt. L.A. Puddephatt on leave) attended a concentration of 3 Br. Inf. Div. at Langholm for a visit of the C. of C., General Sir B.L. Montgomery K.C.B., D.S.O. The C in C walked amongst the men and made a rousing speech.
    Movement Order appears as Appendix ‘A’. Appx A

    5 – 8 February 1944
    [no entries]

    9 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Six 15cwt Ford 4x2 GS Trucks, four 3-ton 4x4 Ford GS trucks, two light utility 4x2 Austin trucks and five solo motor cycles B.S.A. received to augment present vehicle strength.

    10 February 1944
    [no entry]

    11 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Completion of Mob. Major deficiencies 5 transporters; J,X,Z, and T lorries Workshop servicing and instrument trailers and three wireless trucks. 18 3-ton 4x2 GS Dodge Trucks received.

    12 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Capt. W.E. Rhodes departs as REME umpire on exercise “Eagle”.

    13 – 16 February 1944
    [no entries]

    17 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Owing to changes in strength of unit on Mob, Org and Adm system for Regtl duties changed.
    Workshop Bulletin No.13. Appx B

    18 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    11 G.D. personnel posted – surplus to W.E.

    19 February 1944
    [no entries]

    20 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Five Austin 3-ton 4x2 GS and five Guy 15cwt GS trucks returned, surplus to W.E.

    21 February 1944 Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire
    Commencement of move of unit to Forres, Morayshire. Permission granted by Bde Cmdr for move to be carried out as an exercise in harbouring, “Setting up Shop”, Laying up, and day and night movement.
    1600 Unit harboured [Forrest Mill, Ref Map Sheet 21 6 ¼”=1 mile] and opened up for work. Weather fine and cold, ground wet.
    Movement Order – Appendix ‘C’. Appx C

    22 February 1944 Forrest Mill
    Close down and move to laying up area.
    1300 Arrive laying up area [Pitcairngreen 570489 Sh63], vehicles parked by roadside. Hot meal served and rest taken. Weather fine and cold.
    1900 Depart for Forres. Weather varied en route from fine and cold to snow with ½ gale over the hills.

    23 February 1944 Forres
    Arrive Forres. Morale high. Workshop set up on greens in town. Billets etc in Benromach Distillery. Officers duties during move:-
    General control – Maj. T.F.V. Mason; Recce & Wkshops – Capt. L.A. Puddephatt; Officer i/c Main Convoy party – Capt. J.P. Curran.
    Vehicle casualties – NIL.

    24 February 1944 Forres
    Three 15cwt Bedford wireless trucks received.

    25 – 26 February 1944
    [no entries]

    27 February 1944 Forres
    Six Scammell 30-ton transporters received.

    28 – 29 February 1944
    [no entries]
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    1 – 7 March 1944
    [no entries]

    8 March 1944 FORRES
    Exchange of vehicles towards mobilizing up to W.E. resulting in the unit being equipped with X, J, Z and T type Machinery Lorries. Appx A

    9 – 11 March 1944
    [no entries]

    12 March 1944 FORRES
    Nine Ford 3 Ton 4 x 4 Binned lorries received to replace Albions in Ordnance Stores Section.
    Appx B

    13 – 25 March 1944
    [no entries]

    26 March 1944 FORRES
    Major T.F.V. Mason proceeded on leave. Command assumed by Captain L.A. Puddephatt.

    27 March 1944
    [no entries]

    28 March 1944 FORRES
    Seven vehicles surplus to W.E. returned to V.R.D. Appx C

    29 March 1944
    [no entries]

    30 March 1944 FORRES
    A.W.D. commanded by Capt. W.E. Rhodes consisting of a strong Recovery element operating on exercise ‘Leapyear’.

    31 March 1944 FORRES
    ‘Leapyear’ completed and A.W.D. returned.
    During this month this unit has dealt with a very heavy Workshop load especially in ‘A’ vehicles. Military Training has continued with emphasis on Mine Laying and Lifting and P.I.A.T. All available personnel fired their personal weapons on classification range at Fort George.
    Army Forms W3008 and W3009B for the month are attached.
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    1 – 2 April 1944 FORRES C.O.: Major T.F.V. Mason
    [no entries]

    3 April 1944 FORRES
    Maj. TFV Mason returns from leave and assumes command vice Capt. L.A. Puddephatt. Appx “A”
    Capt. L.A. Puddephatt proceeds on leave. Appx “B”
    5 B.S.A. M/Cs returned to V.R.D. as surplus to W.E. Appx “C”
    1 Ford 3-ton 4x4 Binned Lorry received to augment W.E. Appx “C”

    4 – 5 April 1944
    [no entries]

    6 April 1944 FORRES
    General inspection of unit by Lt.Col. Biggs, Comd. REME, 3 Brit Inf Div.
    Orders received to move to Petworth area on 8 Apr 44. Auth: 3 Br Inf Div.

    7 April 1944
    [no entries]

    9 [sic? Should be 8th] April 1944
    Commenced move to south. HQ REME and 8 Inf Bde Wksps in same convoy. Appx “D”
    O.C. Convoy – Major Taylor (2 i/c Comd REME). Unit convoy – i/c Capt. J.P. Curran RAOC. Maj. Mason remains i/c Rear Party.
    1900 Convoy arrived Kinross Staging Camp – Crocks NIL.

    9 April 1944 KINROSS
    Convoy departs KINROSS.
    1800 Arrived Hadrian’s Camp, Carlisle. Crocks NIL.

    10 April 1944 CARLISLE
    Depart Hadrian’s Camp, Carlisle.
    1800 Arrived Moor Park, Preston. Crocks NIL.

    11 April 1944 PRESTON
    Depart Moor Park, Preston.
    1700 Arrive Apley Castle, Wellington. Crocks NIL.
    Capt. Puddephatt returns from leave and assumes command of unit convoy.

    12 April 1944 WELLINGTON
    Depart Wellington.
    1930 Arrive Cirencester. Crocks NIL.

    13 April 1944 CIRENCESTER
    Depart Cirencester.
    1630 Dispersal Point [X rds Q.0846] – Unit proceeds under own command.
    1830 Unit arrives new location [Flathurst Stables, Petworth] – Crocks 1 BSA m/c.
    2130 Unit opened up for work.

    14 April 1944
    [no entries]

    15 April 1944 Petworth
    Maj. TFV Mason and rear party rejoins main party.

    16 – 23 April 1944
    [no entries]

    24 April 1944 PETWORTH
    2 Sherman V ARVs received to augment W.E. Appx “E”

    25 April 1944
    [no entry]

    26 April 1944 PETWORTH
    1 Trailer 15cwt Workshop Servicing (electric) received to augment W.E. Appx “F”

    27 April 1944
    [no entry]

    28 April 1944 PETWORTH
    Lieut. GEC Sherwood posted to LAD att Staffs Yeomanry, and 2/Lt. Lewis posted to this unit w.e.f. 18th March 1944. Appx “G”

    29 April 1944 PETWORTH
    3 Guy 15cwt GS and 1 Austin 3-ton GS lorries returned to VRD as surplus to W.E. Appx “H”

    30 April 1944
    [no entry]
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    1 – 22 May 1944 Flathurst Farm, Petworth, Sussex C.O.: Major T.F.V. Mason
    All sections of the unit heavily engaged on waterproofing and general modifications to the formation’s vehicles and equipment in preparation for an assault role on the ‘2nd Front’. In all, approximately 2000 mods were made and/or fitted.

    22 – 23 May 1944 PETWORTH
    Unit waterproofs its own vehicles and equipment and packs to assault scales.

    23 May 1944 PETWORTH
    Lieut. Templeton joins this unit from LAD 1st ERY and Lieut. Robinson is posted to LAD 1st ERY.

    24 May 1944
    Move to concentration Area in East London area. Unit to move in various craft loads, and the parties made up as per Appendix X, Group ‘A’ having 27 vehicles, Group ‘B’ 6 vehicles (Stores), Group ‘C’ 11 (including X,I,M,Z, & A Machy lorries). Group ‘D’ 6 vehicles including four 6x4 heavy Bdown Tractors. Group ‘E’ 2 ARVs. Group ‘F’ served as Marching Party, and Group ‘G’ were detailed to assist in the D.V.P. Appx ‘X’

    25 May 1944 EAST LONDON
    All groups sealed in Concentration – Marshalling Areas, and completing preparation for embarkation.
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    Appendix ‘X’

    3213 – GROUP ‘A’ – Capt. Puddephatt.

    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    10582966 L/Cpl Eyre G.T. Driver IC

    14533498 Dvr Machin R. Driver IC

    14421144 Dvr Law C.H. Driver IC

    14545200 Dvr Tomlinson H. Driver IC

    6399109 CSM Graysmark R.J. Regtl Duties

    Capt. Puddephatt L.A.

    14271290 Dvr Morgans G.D. Driver IC

    7622119 Sgt Sawdon R.A. Clerk

    10577547 Cpl Armes F.S. Clerk

    10567449 L/Cpl Cottee W.H. Clerk

    10578619 Dvr Gwinnett J.L. Driver IC

    39261 Sgt Whiting J.P. Cook ACC

    94844 Pte Berridge E. Cook REME

    1720908 Cfn Kirby A. Armourer

    7587341 AQMS Austin R.E. Armourer

    10555325 Cfn Rogers W.H. Dvr Mech

    14313593 Dvr Rye R.L. Driver IC

    10530394 L/Cpl Howlett R.J. Storeman REME

    14328926 Dvr Burns K. Driver IC

    7604918 ASM Britton A.H. Armt Art Veh

    14275797 Cfn Fish K.D. Dvr Mech

    3062991 Cpl Clarke J.N. Tele Mech

    14355528 Cpl Hall G.I. Driver IC

    10568567 Cfn Lawless W.J. Welder

    7595838 Cfn Tierney P.M. Dvr Mech

    13040897 Cfn Kirwan T. Bsmith Stkr

    948697 Cfn Orriss C.L. Dvr Mech

    10533974 AQMS Fox H. Armt Art Veh

    2825274 L/Cpl Horne H.H. Dvr Mech

    10538480 Sgt Tipler D. Storeman REME

    10579791 Cfn Bool C.J.E. Dvr Mech

    3966803 Cpl Boxall G. Electrician

    10567998 Cfn McIntosh A.P. Dvr Mech

    6099873 Cpl Leppard Veh Mech

    14317024 Dvr Marvin P. Driver IC

    7618967 L/Cpl Jones J.T. Veh Mech

    10573879 Cfn Baynton C.B. Dvr Mech

    7592574 AQMS Briggs J.S. Armt Art Veh

    10567028 Cfn Brand C. Dvr Mech

    7685056 S/Sgt Milton C.R.E. Armt Art Veh

    14645972 Cfn Knight R.F.H. Dvr Mech

    7911245 S/Sgt Holt H.E. Armt Art Veh

    10575122 Cfn Rae A.S. Dvr Mech

    10568294 Cpl Smith H.F. Welder

    193104 S/Sgt Wall J. Armt Art Veh

    7591851 Sgt Brumble J. Veh Mech

    14266145 Cfn Dyer D.S.E. Veh Mech

    14360046 Cfn Warwick S. Veh Mech

    3772077 Cfn Rawlinson W. Veh Mech

    14328918 Dvr Rowntree C. Driver IC

    14512419 Cfn Jarvis G. Veh Mech

    46554 L/Cpl Myall M.C. Veh Mech

    10567431 Cfn Clare F.W. Veh Mech

    10577974 Cfn Conyers F.L. Veh Mech

    5125247 Cfn Bartle A. Veh Mech

    14614263 Cfn Tolley Dvr Mech

    7592957 S/Sgt Walker R.H. Armt Art Veh

    4806660 Cfn Wood R.O. Veh Mech

    2049743 Cfn Seager S.J. Veh Mech

    71933 L/Cpl Nisbet J.M. Veh Mech

    14544327 Cfn Watson L. Veh Mech


    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    10596373 Cfn Chalmers A. Dvr Mech

    10538153 Cfn Tompkins R.E. Storeman REME

    7602247 Cpl Perry R.D. Storeman RAOC

    10538154 Pte Wilson R.B. Storeman RAOC

    7589203 Pte Trafford J.C. Storeman RAOC

    10578340 Cpl McCracken L. Clerk RAOC

    10546798 Pte Flowers G.G. Storeman RAOC

    10552379 Pte McIlwaine H. Storeman RAOC

    6292829 Dvr Hanson A.J. Driver IC

    14415583 Cfn Sherwood R.F. Dvr Mech

    Capt. Curran J.P. Ord Officer

    14536377 Dvr Lewis R. D. i/c
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    3212 – Group ‘B’ – Lieut. TEMPLETON

    124146 Cfn Coates E.A. Veh Mech

    14252094 Cfn Richardson C.C. Veh Mech

    Lieut. TEMPLETON R.A.Y.

    14649392 Cfn Bennett L.E.C. Dvr Mech

    7599745 S/Sgt Chesney A.F. Clerk RAOC

    14239291 Dvr Dore A.H. Driver IC

    10587702 Pte Harris D.W. Clerk RAOC

    10532394 Pte Hunt G. Storeman RAOC

    7652475 Sgt Peddler S. Storeman RAOC

    10577773 Cfn Lewis J.W.

    14262087 Cfn Davies E.

    14355014 Dvr Moore H.
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    3205 – Group ‘C’ – Lieut. Parker

    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    10574279 Dvr Owen S. Dvr Op

    Major Mason T.F.V. O.C.

    14334071 Dvr Maxey Dvr Op

    7600264 SQMS Hoyle G. Clerk REME

    6922873 Cfn Tebb J.H. Dvr Op

    14231442 Cfn Beddoe H.W. Dvr Op

    14577742 Dvr Summerfield C.J. Driver IC

    5185626 Sgt Ambrose R.W. Tele Mech

    14662008 Cfn Harrop J.E. Dvr Mech

    1147463 Cfn Leipnik E. Storeman REME

    Lieut. Parker E.J.

    10555615 Cfn Berry J.R. Dvr Mech

    7626277 Cfn Magson A.G. Turner

    852003 AQMS Beadell J.F. Armt Art Veh

    7637763 Cfn Whitney A.F. Dvr Mech

    7600215 L/Cpl Atkinson N. Turner

    16000144 S/Sgt Olliff R.T. Armt Art Veh

    14655855 Cfn Macdonald A.R. Dvr Mech

    867939 S/Sgt Lister T.D. Armt Art Veh

    4859333 Cfn Flower E.J. Electrician

    7630025 Cfn Lusha J.T. Veh Mech

    10554215 Pte Davies J.E. Storeman RAOC

    7651232 Pte Whitfield H.J. Storeman RAOC

    105888970 Dvr Prestwood A. Driver IC

    10549109 Pte Corrigan T.G. Storeman RAOC

    7615008 Pte Whitfield J.G. Storeman RAOC

    14411526 Dvr Whitmore S.R. Driver IC

    3598270 Cfn Kay R.S. Driver IC

    10575288 Pte Landgrebe S.R. Cook REME

    7596106 Sgt Maitland J.M. Veh Mech

    14357331 Cfn Holden E. Veh Mech

    7619329 Cpl Bradbury H.G. Dvr Mech

    7635423 Cfn Lowe F.N. Dvr Mech
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    3210 – Group ‘D’ – Capt. Rhodes

    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    14509490 Dvr Brewer E.E. Driver IC

    792944 S/Sgt Smith J. Armt Art Fld

    14284669 Cfn Denman T. Sht Mtl Wkr

    10560620 Cpl Greer J. Ftr Gen

    10560672 Cfn Robinson D. Ftr Gen

    14266109 Cfn Barker R.J. Ftr Gen

    10573816 Cfn Waters R.W.C. Dvr Mech

    Capt. Rhodes W.E.

    7105876 AQMS Kerler A.C. Armt Art Veh

    10562862 Pte Quinn H. Cook REME

    557079 Pte Skeates T. Cook ACC

    10568648 Cpl Blease F. Driver IC

    10567532 L/Cpl Hodgins J.E. Dvr Mech

    7600734 S/Sgt Yerbury R.G. Veh Mech

    14419609 Cfn Hoad D.L. Veh Mech

    13030699 Cfn Doherty P.J. Veh Mech

    14291340 Dvr Pepin A. Driver IC

    2825193 L/Cpl Black J. Dvr Mech

    5625757 Cfn Boswell E.A. Veh Mech

    7597157 Cfn Pickford E. Veh Mech

    14236994 Dvr Pearce W.H. Driver IC

    10540409 Cfn Gotts W.G. Dvr Mech

    4694563 L/Cpl Tailford D. Dvr Mech

    14394527 Cfn Cartman H. Veh Mech

    2571927 Cfn Rand D.E. Veh Mech

    143112112 Dvr Bellas G.W. Driver IC

    2073767 Cfn Pearson T. Dvr Mech

    7617352 L/Cpl Clark F.G. Dvr Mech

    5441093 Cfn Angell R.G. Veh Mech

    4920072 Cfn Barnett V.T. Veh Mech

    3658406 Cfn Cookson J.J. Dvr Mech

    10574680 Dvr Peacock G.E. Driver IC

    1945600 Cfn Walsingham W.E.C. Tele Mech

    Lieut. Mortimer W.
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    Group ‘E’ – Sgt Willis

    10583011 Cfn Stafford H.J. Dvr Mech

    10559689 Sgt Willis F.W. Veh Mech

    14543522 Cfn Mutten L.S.G. Veh Mech

    7611684 Cpl Reed C. Dvr Mech
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    3202 – Group ‘F’ – Lieut. Lewis

    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    7598564 S/Sgt Fenn C.E. Armt Art Fld

    6475152 S/Sgt Govey W.G. Armt Art Inst

    870606 Cfn Smith R. Blacksmith

    7597682 Cfn Johnson R. Blacksmith

    14504470 Cfn Colbert J. Blacksmith

    14315054 Cfn Miller W. Ssmith Stkr

    14346630 Cfn Jacobs W.C.H. Carpenter

    14283577 Cfn Kerr I.S. Carpenter

    6407710 L/Cpl Payne L. Ftr Gen

    14413543 L/Cpl Reed F. Ftr Gen

    7599533 Cfn Bingham H. Ftr Gen

    13070003 Cfn Martin D.G. Ftr Gen

    7615325 Cfn Greenwood E.A. Ftr Gen

    14542418 Cfn Grimes R.V. Ftr Gen

    14538050 Cfn Paine G.F. Ftr Gen

    4745128 Cfn Butterfield E. Ftr Gen

    10553321 L/Cpl Scott C. Inst Mech

    1075554 Cfn Collins W.T. Inst Mech

    14505362 Cfn Alden D. Sh Mt Wkr

    14507799 Cfn Sibbald H. Sh Mt Wkr

    7601023 Cfn Kersley J.E. Turner

    2060707 Cfn Payne W.C. Coachtrimmer

    7612901 S/Sgt Smith P.J. Armourer

    14286921 Cfn Gee W.J. Armourer

    3965876 Cpl Long E.A. Armourer

    1888573 S/Sgt Lindon A. Armt Art Veh

    6918179 Cfn Hott T.A. Electrician

    10592923 Cfn Mott D.A. Electrician

    14236883 Cfn Cridge R.S. Electrician

    10541494 Cfn Kempster C. Veh Mech

    10570392 L/Cpl Perry J.W. Veh Mech

    7591366 S/Sgt Jacques J.W. Veh Mech

    73936 Cfn Webb T. Veh Mech

    10585628 Cfn Brown J.W. Welder

    10589758 Cfn Harding S.G. Tele Mech

    10590088 Cfn Robinson R. Tele Mech

    10590201 Cfn Toogood K.E. Tele Mech

    14235908 Cfn Bray A.C. Tele Mech

    Lieut. Lewis T.H.G. Tele Mech

    10536276 Cpl Tuggey J. Tele Mech

    14233676 L/Cpl Chick F.W. Clerk REME

    36033277 Pte Bogie W. Cook ACC

    313610 Cpl Gardiner J. Driver IC

    10595066 Pte Thomas G.I. Gen Duties

    10548426 Pte Ronald T.S.

    10551313 Pte Dyson G.W.

    10561665 Pte Brand P.E.

    3596053 Cfn Goggins R.W.

    14276515 Cfn Lagoe C.A.

    7623778 Pte Scott O.
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    LST 616 – Group ‘G’

    Army Number Rank Name Trade

    1944628 S/Sgt Clarke J.R. Armt Art Fld

    10559590 Cfn Gee J.A. Ftr Gen

    14529305 Cfn Darbyshire W. Ftr gen

    2100893 S/Sgt Kershaw W.H. Armt Art Veh

    7588742 S/Sgt Myerscough T.G. Armt Art Veh

    14573976 Cfn Jones A. Dvr Mech

    14573976 Cfn Stead A. Dvr Mech

    14658329 Cfn Howard R. Dvr Mech

    2080346 Cfn Reardon J.J. Electrician

    6412420 Cfn Morris C.W. Electrician

    10543816 Cfn Turl R.P. Veh Mech

    10569504 Cfn New S.J. Veh Mech

    14508263 Cfn Roberts L.C. Veh Mech

    7360259 Cfn Snelling E.R.W. Veh Mech

    14521697 Cfn Schofield T. Veh Mech

    3388273 Cfn Newsome F. Veh Mech

    13805088 Cfn Lisi L.P.A. Veh Mech

    14258250 Cfn Brown G.E. Veh Mech

    7651784 Cfn Brick K.E. Veh Mech

    10559405 Cfn Evan L. Dvr Mech

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    1 – 2 June 1944 LONDON C.O.: Major T.F.V. Mason
    Parties A, B, C, D, E in Transit Areas in various London docks. Preparations for embarkation completed and the last stages of the waterproofing of vehicles carried out. Marching Party (F) and Party G (DVP) also prepared.

    3 June 1944 LONDON
    Parties A,B,C,D,E, & F embark at London; Party G at Gosport.
    Party A in MTC “Empire Lagoon” – O. i/c Capt. Puddephatt who was also O.C. troops for ship.
    Party B in MTC “Empire Nutfield” – O. i/c Lieut. Templeton who was also O.C. troops for ship.
    Party D in MTC “Sampan” – O. i/c Capt. Rhodes who was also O.C. troops for ship.
    Vehicles in the above ships were loaded into holds by ships winches and tackle.
    Party C with Maj. TVF Mason loaded in LST No 3205.
    Party E (Two ARVs) NCO i/c Sgt. Willis in LST No. [blank].
    Party F (marching only) O. i/c Lieut. Lewis in LST No.3202.
    Party G (DVP) with no vehicles and carrying their kits of hand tools, NCO i/c S/S Kershaw.

    4 June 1944 At Sea
    All parties at sea, ships forming into convoys.

    5 June 1944 At Sea
    Convoys proceeding slowly – weather fair.

    6 June 1944 At Sea
    Convoys proceeding slowly – weather fair.
    2000 Party C anchor off ‘Q’ Beach.
    1800 Party G attempt to land on ‘Q’ Beach, but were ordered off as situation was not yet suitable for DVP to operate.

    7 June 1944
    All parties except ‘G’ anchored off coast. Wind strong, sea choppy.
    ‘G’ Party land on ‘Q’ Beach (ref Map France 7E/6 095811). Here they met CREME 3 Br Inf Div and commenced to work on drowned A & B Vehicles as a separate unit until 8th June when they became attached to 20 Beach Recy Sect., and continued to work with them. At this time G party were apparently the only group to do actual repair work in the sector. During this period they were at all times under spasmodic enemy shelling by day and bombing by night. No records were kept under these conditions, but a considerable number of A & B Vehicles were put back on the road.

    8 June 1944
    RN decide to beach coasters at 1300 hrs. At 1300 hrs on the ebb tide coasters beached. LSDs came in shore a little before this hour and vehicles waded ashore without mishap on ‘N’ Beach, ref Map France 7E/5 980863.
    As the vehicles on coasters had to be dropped over the side by ships’ winch and derricks in cargo net slings, Capt. Puddephatt decided not to attempt landing until the tide had fallen to 2 feet. Unloading commenced under these conditions, and with the falling tide, the latter vehicles came ashore almost ‘dryshod’. Major Mason, who had managed to land early, contacted all parties, and so the whole unit was able to assemble at its first harbour near Hermanville-sur-Mer in area 0579. Unit harboured at 23.30 hrs. No casualties or crocks.

    9 June 1944 Sheet 7E/5 0579
    Opened up for work to service all arms in bridgehead. ‘A’ Vehicles chiefly Sherman DDs and Flails recovered from beaches, and all types of ‘B’ vehicles being brought in by units.

    10 June 1944 Sheet 7E/0579
    Work continuing.
    1230 Order received to recce wkshop site area Plumtot.
    1530 Unit moves to Plumtot [041789]. Site near village. Wshops set up and principle of dispersion followed as far as possible.

    11 June 1944 041789
    Work continuing. ‘A’ vehicle crocks being located, classified, and ‘Y’ & ‘Z’ crocks recovered to wshop area. ‘W’ crocks reported to higher formation. DVP returns to unit.

    12 June 1944 041789
    Work continuing. Personnel settled down and morale good.

    13 June 1944 041789
    Work continues at full wshop capacity.
    Organisation and Administration found to be working well in field conditions.

    14 June 1944 041789
    Work etc continuing.
    2330 Site bombed. Casualties light as unit were using slit trenches (Appx ‘A’). Appx A
    Vehicle crocks – one 15cwt Ford ‘W’, and others with superficial damage ‘X’ or ‘Y’.
    Organisation for evacuation of casualties worked quickly.

    15 June 1944 041789
    Work etc continuing. 22 ORs and 1 Offr fro 6 Airborne Div Wshop attached to assist with work from their parent formation.

    16 June 1944 041789
    Work continuing – full load. A few 88 mm shells in wshop area, no casualties.

    17 June 1944 041789
    Work continuing.
    1430 Sharp burst of shelling. Casualties as Appx ‘B’. Crocks nil, superficial damage to vehicles only. Appx B
    HQ, Vehs, Armt, and Ord Sects moved a little [045789] to avoid area on which enemy was registering.

    18 June 1944 045789
    Work continues. Yesterday’s move justified as shelling of old site continued at intervals.
    1800 Unit ordered to move to REME Area near La Delivrande [0181]. Area quite open and wshops set up dispersed. Vehicles spaced at minimum 50 yards intervals. Airborne personnel depart.

    19 June 1944 0181
    Opened up for work which continues.

    20 June 1944 0181
    Unit settled down to normal work, and the technique of dealing with battle damage seems to have been well mastered.

    21 – 23 June 1944 0181
    Normal work.

    24 June 1944 0181
    Normal work. Health inspection by M.O. who pronounced the unit in a very good state of health.

    25 June 1944 0181
    Normal work. Area now clear of all known crocks.

    26 June 1944 0181
    Work continues. Policy of taking on crocks normally ‘Z’ decided upon and put into operation, during present static state.

    27 June 1944 0181
    Work continues as above – kit inspection held.

    28 June 1944 0181
    Work continuing – almost to full capacity in all sections.

    29 – 30 June 1944 0181
    Work as above.

    Morale of unit good and all ranks appear to have adapted themselves to the new conditions, especially as the weather from the 24th onwards has been far from good. From 9th when first opened up for work, major repairs have been completed on 41 ‘A’ Vehicles; 6 SP Mountings; 65 ‘B’ Vehicles (for details see Appx C). Above does not include minor jobs, small arms, general work, or telecommunications, the output of such work being considerable. Appx C


    Appendix ‘A’

    Injuries on 14 June 1944

    S/SGTS. 2
    CFN. 3


    Appendix ‘B’

    Casualties on 17 June 1944

    1 CFN ) 2


    1 W.O.II. )
    1 SGT. ) 7
    5 CFN. )
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  13. Fantastic details here Tom! Nominal lists per ship/craft are just so rare!
    The "LST No. [blank]" carrying Party E was LTIN 3208 (LST Mark 1 Bachaquero), planned to be off MIKE Sector at H+17hrs (source: Naval Force 'L'):
    Serial 3208 is LST Bachaquero carrying
    [Party E]
    2 Sherman ARV with 2 crew from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop.
    [actually with 4 crew, which seems more logical]

    Another 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop load mentioned is the 33-men Party C:
    3205 is a LST2 carrying [off NAN Sector H+17hrs – possibly US LST(2) 522]
    [Party C]
    4 3ton 6 X 4 Machinery from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME.
    1 3ton 6 X 4 Breakdown, Dodge, from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME.
    3 3ton 4 X 4 GS from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME.
    3 15cwt GS, Bedford, from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME.
    33 men from 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop REME.

    The marching party of 50 men (Party F) carried by LST LTIN 3202 (US LST(2) 528) does not appear in that thread though. They might have been added after that particular version of the Force L Landing Table was issued.

    As for Party G, the 3 Br Inf Div Gp Landing Table (Second Tide) confirms that LTIN 616 was indeed supposed to be an LST(2) planned to land a marching party of 20 men from 27 Armd Bde Wksp from H+12½hrs on QUEEN RED Beach ('Q' Beach MR095811 in the War Diary above).

    Finally, thanks to this War Diary we also get the LTIN of a couple of Coasters in Force L Sailing Group 1 as follows:
    LTIN 3210 (Party D) – Sampan
    LTIN 3212 (Party B) – Empire Nutfield (MT328)
    LTIN 3213 (Party A) – Empire Lagoon (MT324)

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  14. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi Michel,

    Glad to help with some rare details. Here is the rest of the June war diary - it should make the Census Number collectors happy:

    Appendix “C”




    R.U.R. Chev. 15 cwt Amb. 4924467 Repairs to N/S Spring.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5124739 Clutch relined, crankcase repaired.

    9 R.A.M.C. Ford 15 cwt Amb. 4208603 Starter motor & electrical repairs.

    17 Field Coy Austin 3 ton 4x4 5193280 Engine repairs.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5210703 Repairs to Starter.

    Staffs Y. Ford 3 ton. 4967797 New engine fitted.

    Staffs Y. Ford 3 ton. 5283973 Electrical repairs.

    6th Air. Sigs. Jeep. 5474527 Replacement clutch fitted.

    12 Devons, Air. Jeep. 4922185 Misc repairs.

    Own. Ford 15 cwt. 5200645 Repairs to generator.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 ton. 5193069 Brake system overhaul, misc repairs.

    6 Airborne. Jeep. 768676 Complete overhaul.

    Bde H.Q. Humber Staff Car. 4898750 Clutch system and misc. genl. repairs.

    17 Field Coy. Austin 3 Ton 4892015 Replacement radiator fitted.

    24 MES, R.E. James M/C 548522 Handle bars & front fks repaired.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 Ton. 5193715 Misc repairs, vehicle shelled.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 Ton. 5192398 Misc repairs, vehicle shelled.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 Ton. 4892806 Misc repairs, vehicle shelled.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 Ton. 5193043 Misc repairs, vehicle shelled.

    East Riding Y. Austin 3 Ton. 5193098 Misc repairs, vehicle shelled.

    Own. Dodge 3 Ton. 5405650 Repairs to radiator, fan assembly, water pump.

    67 A.Tk. Regt. Ford 15 cwt. 4208645 Ignition overhaul.

    Own. Ford 3 Ton. 4966409 Steering overhaul.

    Own. Ford 15 cwt. 4208705 Misc repairs, shrapnel holes.

    Own. Ford 15 cwt. 4308623 Engine replacement.

    Own. Leyland. 4584520 Replacement front & rear springs.

    Brigade O.F.P. Austin 3 Ton. 4677991 Repairs to cab.

    22 Dragoons. Humber S/Car. 196636 Replacement gearbox fitted.

    LAD E.R.Y. [??] B.S.A. M/C Solo 4555125 Repairs to frame and rear wheel.

    Own. Dodge 3 ton. 5405479 Repairs to petrol tank (enemy action).

    Own. Dodge 3 Ton. 5405483 Replacement radiator (enemy action).

    E.R.Y. Austin 3 Ton. 4292264 Repairs to Cab.

    30 A. Bde. OFP. Ford 3 Ton. 5192622 Starter Motor overhaul.

    30 A. Bde OFP. Ford 3 Ton. 5133048 Steering overhaul.

    30 A. Bde. OFP. Austin 3 Ton. 4966339 Carburettor repairs.

    H.Q. Sqn. Humber S/Car. 195793 Timing & Ignition overhaul.

    H.Q. Sqn. Humber S/Car. 195809 Modifications.

    E.R.Y. Austin 3 Ton. 5192372 Misc repairs after shelling.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 3929947 Complete overhaul.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5129678 Misc repairs after shelling.

    30 A. Bde. OFP. Ford 15 cwt. 5342815 Carburettor overhauled.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 4346672 Dynamo & gearbox overhaul.

    11 Lt. Fd. Amb. 4x4 Amb. Humber 1219382 Replacement rear axle assembly.

    LAD ERY. Mach. B/Down. 4655506 Extensive damage, shelling.

    17 Fd. Coy. Austin 3 Ton. 5193280 Radiator removal and repair.

    Bde H.Q. Jeep 477121 Mods to Brigadier’s instr.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C. 5210703 Gear box overhaul.

    30 A. Bde OFP. Austin 3 Ton. 5194125 Ignition and timing overhaul.

    30 A. Bde. OFP. Ford 3 Ton. 4966339 Petrol pump overhaul.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 4353430 Clutch & gearbox overhaul.

    Own. Ford 3 Ton. 5341925 Oil leak and big end repairs.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 3929947 Clutch overhaul & repair.

    Bde. Signals. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5124831 Pannier carrier & mudguard repairs.

    43 Recce Regt. Bedford 3 Ton. 492558 Repairs to back wheel.

    R. Navy. Lister Gen. - Electrical overhaul.

    H.Q. Sqn. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5129670 Replacement front wheel, forks, and handle bars.

    H.Q. Sqn. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5192678 Replacement frames fitted, misc repairs.

    9 Stores R.E. Matchless M/C. 4778120 Clutch adjustments, drive chain, elect overhaul.

    Own. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 4646672 Clutch adjustments, frame, brake overhaul.

    838 Pioneers. Jeep. 5536941 Carb and pump overhaul.
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  15. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member




    5 Ind. R.M.A.S. Sherman III 147273 Engine removal for lack of power.

    67 Batt. 20 A.T. Sherman S.P. 130989 Repairs to R.H. Engine.

    46 Regt. R.A. Mortar Carrier. 227539 Transmission repairs.

    33 Field Regt. Sherman O.P. N/A Suspension blown off.

    13/18 Royal Hussars. Sherman D.D. N/A Suspension blown off.

    East Riding Yeomanry. Sherman V.C. 212738 Repairs to radiator.

    266 Fwd. Del. Sqn. Sherman III. 151078 Clutch adjustment, and bogie suspension repairs.

    West. Dragoons. Sherman Crab. 147395 Clutch and steering overhaul.

    East Riding Yeomanry. Sherman V. 212691 Repairs to radiator.

    266 Fwd. Delivery Sqn. Sherman III. 151239 Miscellaneous gun repairs.

    13/18 Hussars. Sherman D.D. 148509 Replacement gun fitted.

    13/18 Hussars. Sherman D.D. 150097 Suspension bogey repairs.

    West. Dragoons. Sherman Crab. 148122 Replacement Gun Barrel fitted.

    13/18 Hussars. Stuart III. 156813 Repairs to power traverse.

    13/18 Hussars. Stuart III. 156803 Repairs to power traverse.

    245/62 A.T. Regt. Carrier. 86014 Replacement rear axle fitted.

    T.D.U. Sherman III. 151214 Repaired holes in gun mounting.

    T.D.U. Sherman III. 151216 Repaired holes in n/s armour plate.

    East Riding Yeo. Stuart III. 156735 Engine removal for oil leak.

    East Riding Yeo. Stuart III. - -

    West. Dragoons. Sherman Crab. 148069 Repairs to flail.

    West. Dragoons. Sherman Crab. 147892 Repairs to flail, power traverse overhaul.

    West. Dragoons. Sherman Crab. N/A. Repairs to flail.

    13/18 R. Hussars. Sherman D.D. 167672 Clutch overhaul, removal of D.D. equipment.

    245/62 A.Tk. Regt. Carrier 83014 Replacement gear box fitted.

    22 Dragoons. Sherman Crab. 148141 Sprocket & Flail repairs, Donkey Engine repaired.

    266 Fwd. Delivery Sqn. Sherman III. 152151 Radiator repaired, Clutch checked, Top roller repaired.

    East Riding Yeo. Sherman III. 147134 L/H Clutch repaired.

    17 Field Coy. Carrier. 168481 Replacement radiator fitted.

    33 Field Regt. Sherman V. 228618 Replacement gun barrel fitted.

    West. Dragoons. Sherman V. 147395 Engine removal for low pressure.

    Brigade H.Q. Humber S/Car. 195808 Modifications to B.E.M.E. Instrns.

    H.Q. Squadron. Humber S/Car. 195812 Clutch repairs.

    East Riding Yeo. Sherman III. 151787 Replacement gun barrel fitted.

    Brigade H.Q. Humber S/Car. 195756 Modifications.

    13/18 R. Hussars. Stuart III. 156895 Repairs to L/H Steering, Brakes relined.

    H.Q. Squadron. Carrier M.29. 5514756 Modifications to Brigadier’s Instrns.

    141 R.A.C. Humber S/Car. 195601 Replacement hand brake rod fitted.

    East Riding Yeo. Stuart III. 156852 Wireless overhaul.

    H.Q. Squadron. Humber S/Car. 195812 Clutch overhaul and Adjustment.

    East Riding Yeo. Sherman V. 228718 Drivers hatch spindle repaired, Brake assem. Fitted.

    13/18 Hussars. Sherman D.D. 133719 Repaired gun damage, and misc. repairs.





    East Riding Yeo. 17 Pdr. 28738 Replacement gun assembly.

    220/73 L.A.A. 14 mm 24836 Overhaul stiffkey sights jack.

    245/22 Regt. 17 Pdr. 230984 Repairs to elevating gear.

    20 A.Tk. Regt. M.10 230850 Badly holed turret & gun repairs.

    266 Fwd. Del. Sqn. Sherman S.P. Sgt. Murphy. Gun overhaul and misc. engine repairs.

    20 A.Tk. Regt. M.10 230850 Oil leak, transmission overhaul.
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  16. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    1 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181 C.O.: Major T.F.V. Mason
    Night recce carried out forward of FDLS to recover a Pz IV Tk, recovered in face of sharp mortaring by enemy. ARV comd by Sgt Willis. [033737 – F/1]
    Three 6pdr A/Tk guns previously lost by 3 Br Inf Div recovered by ARV comd by Cpl Reed. [036741 – 7F/1 – La Landel]
    Work in all sections proceeding normally.

    2 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    S/Sgt Inst Mech (S/Sgt Govey) and party of 4 Inst Mechs and Ftrs Gen working at L.Z. 1175 removing insts from Horsa gliders and refitting same into gliders at LZ 8078 in order that they may be flown to England.
    Pz IV recovered yesterday brought into wshops for repair and inspection.
    Work in all sections proceeding normally.

    3 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Army Film Unit photographed episode Sgt Willis ARV 1 Jul 44, scenes reconstructed in wshop area. Work in all sections proceeding. Weather very bad, heavy rain all day.

    4 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    27 Armd Bde reverts to comd 1 Corps vide 3 Br Inf Div. This unit therefore reverts to Bde Comd, DDME 1 Corps directing. Bde F ech not been in action for some days and little work coming in for repairs.

    5 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Work continues as yesterday. Unit makes good use of bathing beach at Luc sur Mer.

    6 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Load in wshops generally light. Health inspection, unit given a clean bill for health and sanitation. Parties visiting mines school at Bayeux to see exhibition of enemy mines and booby traps.

    7 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Inst Mech and party complete work on Horsa gliders in spite of intermittent shelling. Work continues as before.

    8 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Battle for Caen started, the armd regts of this Bde supporting 3rd and 59th Br Inf Bdes [sic]. Small recovery element called forward to 027766 Cazelle. Element consisted of 2 ARVs and 1 Scammell 6x4 Bdown tractor together with W/T truck and DRs. Officr i/c Lieut. Templeton. Load in wshops very light.

    9 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Battle for Caen continues. Forward element following closely behind recovers two Sherman crocks left in forward area near Cambes in previous engagement. Load in wshops increasing slightly.

    10 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Battle clearance commences after fall of Caen, work increasing accordingly.

    11 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Armd Regts withdrawn to rear for rest and maintenance. Load in wshops heavy.

    12 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Load in Tank Sect approaching maximum. Battlefield clearance continues. Y and Z crocks in Bde proportionally light compared with W. W crocks all due to tks burning out.

    13 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Battlefield clearance completed and Recovery element withdrawn to wshops. Load heavy in all sections. Officers and Sgts messes set up under Field conditions.

    14 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Workshop load continues heavy. Vehicle section undertaking work on Stewart [sic] tanks. Wshop procedure tightened up to suit conditions. Appx ‘A’

    15 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    AQMS Jewson, 21 NCOs and men arrives with 6 Store lorries, 3 utilities and 1 GKW generator from England, being part of residue.
    Burning out of tanks in action investigated. Mods to fire extinguishers controls suggested. Work continues as yesterday. Appx ‘B’

    16 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    2 ARVs called forward to map ref 112738. Officer i/c Lieut. Templeton.
    Weather begins to shew definite signs of improvement during last few days.

    17 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Lorry Inst Repair with S/Sgt Smith T.L. arrives from England. Portable bath unit designed and produced in unit wshops from captured and surplus stores, capable of providing 100 men per day with hot showers.
    Wshops as before.

    18 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Big attack on enemy positions E of R. Orne commences. Weather bright and calm.
    0001 Two ARVs and crews commanded by Lt Templeton takes up advance position 123738 east of R. Orne. Throughout day assisting LADs of Regts in the Bde attacking Troarn 1667. Work in main shops continues, no A & B vehs yet in from battle area.

    19 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    AWD east of the Orne collecting crocks from the area west of Troarn but impossible to backload crocks to main wshops owing to congestion on bridges. Work in shops continues.

    20 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Heavy rain, operations slowed up, roads in very bad state. Work in shops badly affected by weather.

    21 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Bad weather continues – no backloading – work still seriously affected.

    22 July 1944
    [no entry]

    23 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Verbal notification received from Bde HQ that 27 Armd Bde will be disbanded. Wkshops will remain entire, but no information as to its new job.
    AWD still east of R. Orne but owing to conditions prevailing such as banning of recovery and backloading to give operational transport priority, very little work can be done.

    24 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Letter received giving details of Bdes future. Appx ‘C’
    Orders received from DDME 1 Corps that no further work to be accepted in wshops and to complete jobs now in. Work proceeding on these lines.

    25 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Major TFV Mason visits DME and learns that wshops will become under comd Armd Replacement Group for the purpose of inspecting, servicing and repairing all types of AFVs previous to going to AFV Inspectorate and delivery to armd formations. Orders received for wshops to move to ARG and to come under their comd as from 12.00 hrs 27 July 44.
    Work continuing on completion of jobs in wshops.

    26 July 1944 La Delivrande 0181
    Two ARVs with crews posted to No. 1 Rec. Coy.
    Unit packing and preparing to move. All jobs completed. During the proceeding part of the month, the following major jobs were completed: 63 ‘A’ Vehs, 39 ‘B’ Vehs, 407 general jobs, 57 W/T sets, 327 small arms. Appx ‘D’
    With regard to AWDs, in the light of experience to date, it is felt that no useful purpose is served by throwing forward a large party for the following reasons:-
    (a) By the very nature of their position it was found that the work coming in could not be dealt with as heavy equipment was required.
    (b) Any men and equipment sent forward depleted the main wshop so that only the same total number of jobs could be undertaken with the AWD carrying out with much less efficiency that the main wshops.
    (c) Spares invariably had to be sent back for, resulting in tremendously increased loss of time, especially when ‘priority’ traffic is running in forward areas.
    It is thought that the forward party should be actually the Bde Collecting Point consisting of ARVs and W/T truck with bdown tractors if not actually under fire. To these should be added a small “assessing party” to grade the crocks to Y, Z, or W for backloading to correct wshop or dump.

    27 July 1944 Sully 775815
    Wshops move to new location in ARG area. Appx ‘E’ Day spent in setting up shop and digging in. Wshops reorganised to suit new location as follows:- Appx ‘F’
    A Veh, B Veh, and Recovery Sections combined as Tank Section. The wshops then divided into three parts:- (i) Maintenance and Inspection Circuit; (ii) Wshops for usual repairs; (iii) Administration Group – Wshops and the maintenance groups roughly dividing the tradesmen equally. Maintenance Group sub-divided into 5 maintenance points to deal with vehs on mass production lines.
    Point A – Suspension and hull. Point B – turret and fittings. Point C – Electrical. Point D – Armament. Point E – Engine, transmission and final test.
    Vehs to stay at each point 2 hours and any work taking longer to be passed to wshop group.
    1200 Unit passed to command A.R.G.

    28 July 1944 SULLY
    Work started on new role. Minor difficulties experienced and overcome.

    29 July 1944 SULLY
    Personnel now working into the new scheme and displaying great interest.

    30 July 1944 SULLY
    Work continues. Minor adjustments made to system, chiefly to balance man-power. Production increasing.

    31 July 1944 SULLY
    Production in full swing. Target figure of 20 tanks per day reached in circuit, but still considered capable of improvement. It is thought that a figure of 30 tanks per day will have to be reached through the maintenance circuit to enable 20 to go to the AFV Inspectorate as the remainder are found to need attention in Workshop Group.
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  17. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Appendix ‘A’

    Workshop Bulletin No.17.

    Subject:- Workshop Procedure.

    1. Purpose. The purpose of this bulletin is to lay down the procedure for work entering these workshops, and to clarify the position regarding previous Workshop Bulletins. All concerned are reminded that instructions already issued are in no way affected by the move overseas unless cancelled or amended by subsequent orders.

    2. Method.

    I. All incoming work will pass through R.&.I. Office, where a Job Card will be made out. Anyone reporting with work direct to Sections must be referred back to R.&.I. It is emphasised that a JOB CARD (A.F.G.1084) is the only authority under which work may be carried out.

    II. ‘A’ and ‘B’ vehicles will all be ‘In Inspected’ and A.F.G.857 are
    (a) completed and the Job Card made out fully before the vehicles are passed on to sections.
    (b) Only one Job Card will be made out and it will accompany the vehicle to the section most concerned. The other sections which may be concerned will be notified that they have commitments in connection with the vehicle by ‘chit’ from the R.&.I.

    III. General work and equipment for modification need not be ‘in-inspected’, but will pass through R.&.I. where the Job Card will be made out as completely as possible.

    IV. Wireless, Small Arms and Instruments work coming in will report to R.&.I. who will escort the work to the Sections concerned. The a/m sections will be responsible for their own records.

    3. Inspections.

    I. In-inspections are the responsibility of the A.S.M. who will be provided with a small staff to deal with same.

    II. It is realised that defects not shown on the Inspection Report or Job Card may become apparent during the course of work. The fact that such defects are not mentioned on Job Cards in no way relieves the concerned section from its responsibility for action on the matter.

    III. The inspector will consult O,i/c Progress in all cases where the classification of the ‘crock’ is in doubt whether on ability or time basis.

    IV. The inspector is empowered to call in ‘expert advice’ from sections for ‘specialist’ matters in which is in doubt.

    4. Job Cards – (A.F.G.1086)

    I. Job Cards will be made out from in-inspection reports and all the jobs enumerated thereon will be marked to show the section from which action is required. When the job is passed to the section having the Major commitment a ‘chit’ will be passed to other sections concerned. Sections not concerned need not be notified. Wireless sets and S.A. will always be inspected by sections concerned.

    II. Job Cards will contain all the available information about the work, especially in connection with supply and availability of material and spares.

    5. Progress & Liaison.

    I. The A.S.M. will continue to be responsible for the progressing of jobs through the shops.

    II. The inspector will ‘follow up’ jobs passing through the shops and will assist in ‘Liaison’ between sections. He will ensure that no work is held up awaiting ‘specialist’ tradesmen and that the maximum number of jobs are going on any vehicle.

    III. The object of the inspector is to assist sections in liaison and does not in ‘any way’ relieve section leaders of their responsibility for liaison with each other about work. It is felt that ‘mutual arrangement’ between sections leaves much to be desired at the moment.

    6. Responsibility.

    I. Final Completion of Work – Section to which job card is issued.

    II. Progress – A.S.M. Britton answering to Capt. Puddephatt.

    III. Inspection – A.S.M. with W.O. or S/S.

    IV. Assessing – Capt. Puddephatt answering to O.C.

    V. Records & Documentation – A.S.M.

    VI. Liaison – Inspectors, answering to Capt. Puddephatt.

    7. Disinfection. Should a crock not be in a fit state to inspect, the inspector will call upon Recovery Sect. for personnel and equipment to clean and disinfect the Vehicle.
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  18. Great to see when (between 13 [Edit: see below] 6 and 30 June) and by whom L sjt Johnson's good ol' BLENHEIM T148141 got its Flail jib back! It had been a flail-less Flail (or clawless Crab?) ever since around 0905 on D Day:
    "L sjt JOHNSON flails up to lateral where in attempting to breach through a wall strips a track and breaks his jib."

    See the sorry state of the flail jib (or what's left of it) before 27 Armd Bde Wksp's intervention:
    [Edit: this is not L sjt Johnson's Crab, of 22 Dragoons, but Cpl Rider's of 3Tp C Sqn Westminster Dragoons. See 22nd Dragoons tanks in Normandy (plus a few Westminster Dragoons ones...)
    Second photo below however does shows L sjt Johnson's BLENHEIM T148141]

    No.88 Crab 22D L sjt Johnson - A70 43-4 - 1944-06-13 - Ginger - 01.44 - adj.jpg

    but afterwards, it's all nice and brimming with lovely little chains again:
    No.88 Crab 22D 'BLENHEIM' T148141 L sjt Johnson - A70 85-3 - 1944-07-18 - Wilkes - 02.54 - adj.jpg
    See: 22nd Dragoons tanks in Normandy

    This is all the more interesting as I always thought that only a unit specialised in Crabs (such as 30 Armd Bde Wksp) was equipped (i.e. supplied with the relevant spares) to repair flailing devices. Maybe this was a simple exchange with the flail jib of a destroyed Crab?
    But the number of other Crabs (from Westminster Dragoons) repaired by 27 Armd Bde Wksp probably means they could indeed handle them from head to toe.

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  19. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi Michel,

    Re 30 Armd Bde Wksp - I don't know how early they landed in Normandy or whether they were working further to the west under 30 Corps and had politely asked 27 Armd Bde Wksps to look after any flails under command of 1 Corps? Does that sound likely?


  20. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Appendix ‘B’

    Subject:- Fire Extinguisher Controls on Sherman Tanks. Ref: 27/W/T/34.

    To: O.C.
    27 Armoured Brigade W/Shops, REME.
    27 Armoured Brigade.

    I have investigated the above mentioned subject in ‘accordance’ with your orders, and my observations and recommendations are as follows:-

    1. Observations.

    (a) The external controls situated to the L.H. rear of the turret are definitely inaccessible, and if the crew have left their tank during battle, one would have to considerably expose himself to operate the fire extinguisher control.

    (b) The internal controls situated behind the drivers left shoulder are also very inaccessible on the Sherman III, and when quick fix ammunition bins are fitted it is almost impossible for the driver to operate the fire extinguisher at all.

    2. Recommendation.

    (a) With regard to para 1 (a) it is suggested that the Bowden wire should be extended along the top of the engine casing, and some 8” down the rear plate of the tank in the following manner.

    1. Suitable length of Bowden wire attached to the existing handle, the existing handles should not be removed.

    2. A simple fair-lead to carry the wires over the sharp corner of the rear plates to be made and fitted.

    3. A light angle iron bracket, suitably drilled to taken the bowden wires, welded to the back plate of the tank.

    4. Additional handles ‘acquired’ or made.

    5. When fitting the handles should be kept close to the angle brackets to keep the wire almost tight, this will ensure that the fire extinguishers can be operated from anywhere the wire can be reached, as well as by the handle at the rear of the tank. The existing handles must be left in position, and the new wire extended from them to ensure that there is still some control of the extinguishers left, even if the new control is shot away.

    (b) In the case mentioned in para 1 (b) above the bowden wires should be simple extended so that the handles hang over the end of the ammunition locker.

    The above report chiefly concerns fires originating in the engine compartment, where it is understood from tank crews that fires are comparatively slow in starting, and could be smothered if there was easy access to the fire extinguishing controls from the outside of the vehicle. There is no direct C.O.2 stream in the fighting compartment, where fires originate in the ammunition, so it is not thought that the suggested mod will have great effect on fire in the fighting compartment.

    [sgd: Puddephatt] Capt.

    15 July 44.
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