War Diary - 27 Armd Bde Wksp REME - 1944

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    Appendix ‘C’

    Subject: Preliminary Instructions regarding disbandment of 27 Armd Bde.

    List ‘B’ + Bde HQ (Bde Comd 2IC BM DAAQMG G3 SO REME BOO) 27AB/546/AQ

    23 Jul 44

    1. The 27 Armd Bde is to be disbanded forthwith.
    The reasons given are:-
    (a) The Man Power and Tk Strength situate dictate a reduction in Armd Order of Battle.

    (b) The Regts of the Bde are required to take the place of war formed regts which are to be disbanded to provide the RAC Rfts needed.

    2. The Bde will consequently be withdrawn into Army Reserve and will move under the direction of 1 Corps to an area to be allotted by 2nd Army in the immediate future or as soon as the operational situation permits.

    3. Staffordshire Yeomanry, Sigs Tp and LAD.
    This Regt will come out first and will proceed direct to the new area to be allotted by Army. On completion of vehicle handover detailed below the Regt will proceed to UK and come under command 79 Armd Div for special training. Regt will probably return to 2nd Army in September.

    4. 13/18 R.Hussars, Sigs Tp and LAD.
    Will come out of the line second (possibly at the same time as Staffs Yeo) and will move to new 27 Armd Bde area. On arrival to be completed with tanks ex Staffs Yeo to WE (49 MkIII, 12MkVc, 11 Honeys). DD tanks will be handed to 266 Fwd Sqn. On completion 13/18 Hussars will take the place of 24 L in 8 Armd Bde.

    5. E.R.Yeomanry, Sigs Tp and LAD.
    As far as I can see the probability is that the Regt will be retaining in this country and will in due course take the place, in some formation of a unit be disbanded. It now seems less likely that the Regt will go home to be Churchillised. During the inter-requiem the Regt may lose many, if not all its tanks in view of recent heavy casualties. In order to continue some crew training the DD tks ex 13/18 can be made available.

    6. Probable dates of relief.
    Staffs Yeo 24 Jul 44
    23/18 Hussars 26 Jul 44
    E.R.Y. 27 Jul 44
    Staffs Yeo and E.R.Yeo will be relieved by units of 33 Bde. If 33 Bde unit does not arrive before Staffs are due to leave, ERY will take over Staffs Yeo Fwd Sqn. Regts will be prepared for a twenty mile march to the new area. Tpt Echs will join Regts in new area.

    7. Disposal of Vehs.
    (a) Staffs Yeo
    (i) Tks incl Scout Cars: Priority 1 to complete 13/18 to W.E. Priority 2 to complete Cdn Armd Div with Mk.III Shermans. Priority 3 to E.R.Y.

    (ii) B Vehs : Specialist Vehs i.e. Office Lorry, Fitters and Med ½ tracks and any other veh with special Regt fittings to be left with ARG with a care and maint party of 1 dvr per two vehs. This party to be administratively self-contained. 12 B Vehs can be taken to UK for domestic use at home (suggest one or more cooks lorries might be advisable). 12 spaces are allotted and any 12 vehs can go. Jeeps could be carried in 3-ton lorries if necessary.

    ‘Plain empty’ B vehs: Priority 1 to make up WE 13/18 H. Priority 2 to make up WE E.R.Yeo. Priority 3 to be handed into Army Veh Pk.

    (b) 13/18 H to make up to WE ex Staffs Yeo surplus ‘empty vehs’.

    (c) E.R.Yeo to make up as far as possible after 13/18 are satisfied.

    8. G.1098
    Staffs Yeo may take home in 12 lorries such G1098 as they require. Remainder can be ‘sealed’ in specialist lorries or store lorries left behind in France.

    9. Equipment and Uniforms: Staffs Yeo will ensure that all ranks “March out” properly equipped and dressed and land in UK in a smart condition. B.O.O. will supply all requirements as a priority issue.

    10. Staffs Yeo – Leave. All ranks will be granted 7 days leave on arrival in UK. Maint Party can be changed over at half time under arrangements to be made through 79 Armd Div.

    11. Bde HQ Sqn – General. Bde HQ Sqn personnel and vehs may be applied as under:
    Priority 1 to bring HQ 8 Armd Bde up to WE plus 1st Rfts.
    Priority 2 to provide rfts for 13/18 H.
    Priority 3 to fill Specialist Vacancies in E.R.Yeo and Staffs Yeo in that order of priority (Staffs Yeo are to be made up in UK).

    12. Bde HQ Sqn Vehs.
    (a) A Vehs. Probable transfer to 8 Armd Bde:-
    6 Protective Tp Tks
    1 OP Tk
    1 Comd Tk Shamrock II
    1 Bridgelayer
    1 Crusader AA Tk.
    some others may also proceed to 8 Armd Bde.

    (b) B Vehs. Bde Comds Humber Saloon and L/Cpl Chivers
    Bde Comds 4x4 and Tpr Hopkins
    Bde Comds Sc Car
    Bde Comds Caravan and Cpl Stevens (Pte Jackson RASC to be attached temporarily).
    2 Weasels.
    Such other vehs as are required to complete 8 Armd Bde HQ to WE.
    Any surplus vehs including welding truck required by 8 Armd Bde HQ.

    13. Personnel. In addition to those mentioned in 12(b) above
    7 complete tank crews
    12 good ORs

    The above figures are merely indicative and full details will be completely tied up with Rep 8 Armd Bde HQ at 065775 at 1100 hrs on Monday 24 July.
    Col Aird S.C. and OC Bde HQ Sqn will be present.

    14. Bde HQ Sig Sqn. OC Bde HQ Sig Sqn will make out a list of key personnel he would suggest might be valuable to 8 Armd Bde HQ Sig Sqn. Cpl Vernon Sgm Atwood will be included. Nothing executive will however be done in this matter till further orders.

    15. 90 Coy RASC. At disposal of D.D.S.T. 2 Army to move with 27 Armd Bde to new area. Future unknown at present.

    16. 11 Lt.Fd.Amb. Will join 6 Guards Tank Brigade. May move there direct or first to new 27 Armd Bde area.

    17. Bde Wshops. To come under comd A.R.G. and act permanently as A.R.G. Wshops.

    18. Ord Fd Pk. To come under comd A.R.G. as above and act permanently as A.R.G. Ord Fd Pk.

    19. 266 F.D.Sqn. To remain for present with 27 Armd Bde but to revert to A.R.G. when no longer required.

    13/18 R.H. Personnel to rejoin 13/18 H when they come out of line.
    Staffs Yeo. Personnel to rejoin Staffs Yeo when they come out of line.
    E.R.Yeo. To remain with 266 F.D.Sqn till Sqn goes back to A.R.G. when they will rejoin E.R.Y.

    Application will be made for return to units of Regtl Personnel in Corps Sqn by this HQ. Result will be notified.

    Sgd: P. Dayer-Smith, Major
    for Brigadier,
    Comd 27 Armd Bde.
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    Appendix “D”

    27 Armoured Brigade W/Shops.



    E.R.Y. Stuart III 156852 Complete wireless overhaul.

    141 R.A.C. Churchill VII 173154 H Replacement engine assembly.

    Brigade H.Q. Humber Scout Car 195809 Modifications to Brigadier’s Instrns.

    H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 147169 Modifications to wireless sets.

    H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 146965 Modifications to wireless sets.

    H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 152109 Modifications to wireless sets.

    H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 152103 Modifications to wireless sets.

    H.Q. Squadron. Sherman III 228789 Modifications to wireless sets.

    E.R.Y. Stuart III 156825 Engine removal for clutch overhaul.

    - Enemy Mark IV - General overhaul for inspection.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 152203 Complete Armament overhaul.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 151239 Complete Armament overhaul.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 151863 Complete Armament overhaul.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 228769 Complete Armament overhaul.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 228789 Overhaul of traversing gear.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 212741 Overhaul of traversing gear.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman V 148477 Repairs to 17 pounder.

    E.R.Y. Sherman V 212738 Power travers overhaul, Homelite repaired.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 152198 Repairs to gun mounting after accident.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 151787 Radiator repairs, Shot in N/S eng. compartment.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman V 148509 DD Fitting blanket boxes.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman V 150097 DD Fitting blanket boxes.

    141 R.A.C. Humber Scout Car 195528 Replacement axle shaft, broken R.H. rear wheel.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman V 147946 DD New mounting fitted for 75 mm gun.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 152780 Removal of turret for insp. (Shell fire).

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman V 148477 Replace engine assy fitted, Traverse o/h.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 152126 Replace eng assy fitted, turret repaired.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 151949 Fitting brackets for 1st Aid Kit.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 151844 Fitting brackets for 1st Aid Kit.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 147132 Fitting brackets for 1st Aid Kit & Blanket boxes.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 152004 Engine overhaul.

    E.R.Y. Slave Carrier. 131398 Clutch friction plate replaced.

    Brigade H.Q. Sherman III 147172 Modifications to Brigadier’s Instrns.

    13/18 R. Hussars. Sherman III 152038 Modifications, Quick Fix Armour.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 152262 Modifications, Quick Fix Armour.

    Staffs Yeo. Sherman III 152113 Replace eng. Assy, engine Compartment repairs.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 151213 Suspension O/H, replacement Engine, fit new boxes [??].

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 147124 Repairs to final drive, Gun elevating repairs.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 151844 Broken push rod operating injector repairs.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 152149 Welding patch in turret, misc mods.

    E.R.Y. Stuart III 156852 Engine overhaul, misc gun mtg adjustments.

    Brigade H.Q. Valentine B/Layer. 60130 Replacement bogies and sprocket fitted.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman V 212672 Mods, Quick Fix Armour, N/S front gouge filled in.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 151232 Modifications, Quick Fix Armour.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 145662 Modifications, Quick Fix Armour, Weld plate R.H. side.

    Staffs Stuart III 156752 Repairs to final drive, Electrical O/H.

    E.R.Y. Sherman III 151197 Overhaul to Wireless control set.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 152240 Suspension o/h, misc welding jobs.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 152270 Engine removal for clutch o/h, misc o/h.

    E.R.Y. Stuart III 156321 Engine o/h, Suspension o/h, misc o/h.

    - Enemy Tank. - Modification to British A.R.V.

    E.R.Y. Sherman VC 212632 Replacement engine assy, Suspension o/h.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 151993 Modifications to control tank.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman V 228557 DD Replacement power unit, Electrical o/h, & W/T.

    E.R.Y. Stuart III 156801 Comp engine o/h, W/T o/h, Elect o/h.

    13/18 R. Hussars Stuart III 231252 O/H 37 mm Gun, Repairs to W/T & R/H stick.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman V 212303 DD Engine o/h, repairs & weld turret, Misc Insp.

    266 F.D.S. Sherman III 150970 Engine replacement fitted, Suspension o/h.

    13/18 R. Hussars Sherman III 152944 Suspension o/h, Quick fix Armour, Misc repairs.

    Brigade H.Q. Sherman III 146968 Suspension o/h, W/T o/h, Repairs to Stabiliser.

    148 R.A.C. Stuart III 156881 Replacement engine fitted, misc o/h.

    Brigade O.F.P. M.14 Half Track. Z5580164 Replacement gearbox fitted, misc repairs.

    13/18 R. Hussars Humber Scout Car 195738 Replacement transfer box and gear Box fitted.
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    27 Armoured Brigade W/Shops.

    Jobs completed ‘B’ Vehicles – July 44


    27 Armd Bde OFP Ford 3 Ton 4966303 Converting lorry to flats for engine Carrying.

    27 Armd Bde OFP Ford 3 Ton 4966386 Converting lorry to flats for engine Carrying.

    30 Armd Bde OFP Ford 15 cwt. 5342815 Complete engine overhaul.

    30 Armd Bde OFP Austin 3 Ton 5893067 Electrical system o/h and repair.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C 3979947 Replacement fork assembly fitted.

    30 Armd Bde OFP Austin 3 Ton 5193048 Replacement clutch and brakes overhaul.

    - Enemy vehicle - Modification (Steel body fitted).

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C 4646672 Replacement engine fitted, tyres fitted.

    27 Armd Bde OFP Ford 3 Ton 4966386 Manufactured & fitted Body to instrs.

    27 Armd Bde OFP Ford 3 Ton 4966303 Manufactured & fitted body to instrs.

    Own Unit. Scammell B/Down. 4500800 Dismantled suspension assem, fitted new wheel shafts.

    266 F.D.S. B.S.A. M/C Solo 5210621 Fitted new cables &Carburettor o/h.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo 4353706 General engine overhaul.

    Own Unit. Ford 15 cwt 5341925 Radiator repairs.

    266 F.D.S. B.S.A. M/C Solo 5210621 Chaincase repairs.

    Own Unit B.S.A. M/C Solo 4353484 Clutch and pressure plate repairs.

    9 Inf Bde W/S Fordson 15 cwt V717711 Fuel system overhaul.

    Brigade HQ Willys Jeep. 5550161 Welding brackets.

    Own Unit. Leyland X Type 4580803 Power take off overhaul.

    Own Unit. Scammel B/Down 4500800 Lubrication system repairs.

    Own Unit. Leyland M Type 4582525 General overhaul.

    Own Unit. Dodge 3 Ton 5264533 Repairs to front axle, misc repairs.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 3929947 Clutch, Steering and Brakes o/h.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo 4353484 Complete engine overhaul.

    Own Unit. Ford 3 Ton. 5522613 Petrol feed system overhaul.

    Brigade H.Q. B.S.A. M/C Solo 5129898 M/C completely stripped and o/h.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 5127739 Complete engine overhaul.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo. 1524758 Complete electrical overhaul.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo 5124734 Repairs to carburettor.

    Own Unit. Ford 15 cwt 4208623 Fuel feed system overhaul.

    Own Unit. Ford 15 cwt. 4962272 Ignition overhaul.

    Own Unit. Ward La France 5813779 Repairs to Jib mechanism, overhaul brakes.

    266 F.D.S. B.S.A. M/C Solo 5210621 Ignition & carburettor overhaul.

    Brigade H.Q. Humber Ut. 4894244 Repairs to radiator, and engine (Shell).

    Own Unit. Ford 3 Ton 4965945 Chassis twisted, front axle, etc, Misc repairs.

    Own Unit. B.S.A. M/C Solo 4326672 Tyre Repairs.

    Own Unit. Austin Utility. 5395807 Clutch overhaul.


    Other Sections Jobs Completed – July 44.

    TELS: Wireless sets, overhauled and repaired in workshops 57

    INSTRUMENTS: Binoculars, Watches, Compasses, and misc other instruments repaired in workshops. 38

    SMALL ARMS: Mortars, L.M.G’s, Browning guns etc. 111 Rifles, Pistols and other S.A’s. 116

    GENL: Misc jobs, welding, woodwork, drilling ironwork etc. 107
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    Appendix F

    Subject: Functions of 27 Armoured Brigade Workshop in conjunction with 256 Army Delivery Squadron.

    Special Distribution. G/40/7

    1. A meeting was held at H.Q. 2 A.R.G. at 14.00 hrs on 26th July 1944 to discuss the functions of 27 Armd Bde Workshop and how they would fit in with the existing organisation in 256 Army Delivery Squadron and ‘F’ Canadian Delivery Squadron.

    2. Those present:-
    Col D.D. Murray, DSO, MC Comd, 2 A.R.G.
    Lt. Col. H.C. Carden 2 i/c 2 A.R.G.
    Lt. Col. V.M.V. Tighe OBE Comd. 2 Armd. Delivery Regt.
    Lt. Colonel Stewart E.D. Comd. 25 Canadian Armd Delivery Regt.
    Lt. Col. W. Tapley S.E.M.E. 2 Armd. R.G.
    Maj. C.M. Grant G.S.O. 2 A.R.G.
    Maj. J. Snowball D.A.D.O.S., 2 A.R.G.
    Maj. A. Bremner 2 i/c 2 Armd. Dely Regt.
    Maj. J. Emsley O.C. 256 Dely Squadron
    Maj. Baldwin O.C. ‘F’ Canadian Army Dely Squadron
    Maj. T. Mason O.C. 27 Armd Bde. Workshops
    Lt. Rook O. i/c Canadian Detachment (CAC)

    3. The following points were decided:-
    (a) 27 Armd. Brigade Workshops would be split into two elements:-

    (i) A servicing unit through which every tank coming into 256 Army Delivery Squadron would pass before being passed to I.A.F.V.
    (ii) A repair and Mod. element for dealing with all tanks (including those from ‘F’ Canadian Army Delivery Squadron). In addition the Workshop could undertake minor manufacture of Mod. Stores.

    (b) The Workshop will have two functions:-

    (i) To accept all tanks coming into 256 Army Delivery Squadron ex 17 Veh. Company and to service them before they are seen by I.A.F.V. Initially, some tanks, rejected by I.A.F.V. will be returned to Workshop so that they may become accustomed to the standard required. Later, rejected tanks which are within the scope of L.A.D. will be repaired by 256 L.A.D. Until further notice this system will apply to tanks in 256 Army Dely Squad. only, but later it is intended to include tanks going to ‘F’ Canadian Dely Squadron. It is expected that 27 Armd Bde Wkshops will be able to service 16 tanks per day but 256 Army Delivery Squad. will be prepared to sup 20 tanks per day, separate orders for the internal op of 27 Armd Bde Wkshop have been issued by S.E.M.E.

    (c) To accept and repair all unfit tanks both from 256 Army Dely Squad. and ‘F’ Canadian Army Delivery Squad. which are beyond the scope of L.A.D. All unfit tanks received from ‘F’ Canadian Dely Squad. will invariably be returned to them when fit.

    (d) Under Sub para 3 (a) 256 Army Delivery Squadron will detail a cleaning and prep party of 40 men with [sic: with] additional officers and N.C.Os for supervision. The duties of this party will be:-

    (a) Cleaning and degreasing tanks (including main armament and M.Gs).

    (b) Topping up with fuel and water, gearbox, engine and final drive levels will not be touched.

    (c) Ferrying tanks between 256 Army Del Sqn Reception Pk and Wksps and from Wksp issue park to Inspectorate. DADOS will ensure a constant and adequate stock of the necessary cleaning materials.

    The first 40 tks for wksps will be made available by 1200 hrs 27 Jul, and thereafter at the rate of 20 tanks per day (see sub-para (b)).

    (e) Tank drivers will not accompany tanks through wksps.

    (f) Telescopes and striker cases (incl spares) and W/T auxiliaries will not accompany tks going into wksps, but will be passed independently in bulk to wksps stores section for issue in wksps as required.

    (g) All kit, excl those items detailed in sub-para (f) above will be removed and detained by Ord Fld Park. Each kit will be checked and deficiencies made good as far as possible. These kits will be issued later to 256 Army Del Sqn, when the tks arrive at this pt. in their circuit, and will be stowed by the RAC kitting team. For this purpose the RAC kitting team will work under command 27 Armd Bde Ord Fld Pk.

    (h) Lt Rook with his detachment from CAC will work under command 27 Armd Bde Wksp.

    The system outlined above will op until further orders when slight alterations may have to be made as a result of practical experience.

    Sgd. CM Grant, Major GS

    2 Armd Replacement Group RAC.


    Each Officer present.
    27 Armd Bde Ord Fld Pk
    File and spare.
    War Diary.
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    1 August 1944 Sully (775815) C.O. Major TFV Mason
    Work continues. Workshop under command of 2 A.R.G.

    2 August 1944 Sully (775815)
    8 ORs detached to No.3 L of C Rec Coy with 2 Scammell B/D lorries. Auth: DDME 2nd Army.

    3 August 1944 Sully (775815)
    2 ORs detached to No.3 L of C Rec Coy with one 15 cwt W/T lorry. Auth: DDME 2nd Army.

    4 August 1944
    [no entry]

    5 August 1944 Sully (775815)
    1 Sgt and 12 ORs attached to No.3 L of C Rec Coy REME w.e.f. 5 Aug with 6 Scammell Transporters. Auth: DDME 2nd Army.

    6 August 1944
    [no entry]

    7 August 1944 Sully (775815)
    2 ORs attached to No.3 L of C Rec Coy REME. Auth: DDME 2nd Army.

    8 – 26 August 1944
    [no entries]

    27 August 1944 Sully (775815)
    Advance Party moved off to new location – one officer and 10 ORs.
    Reported at GACE (5549) – RUGLES (8549).

    28 – 31 August 1944
    [no entries]
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    1 September 1944
    [no entry]

    2 September 1944 C.O. Major T.F.V. Mason
    Main party moved to St.Michel de la Foret (near Laigle).

    3 September 1944 St Michel de la Foret (8342 Rouen-Paris 1:250,000)
    Workshops opened up and work proceeding.

    4 September 1944
    [no entry]

    5 September 1944
    Advance Party (2 offrs and 40 ORs) moved to Humbercamps (near ARRAS).
    0930 Main Party moved to Humbercamps (2389 Amiens-Mons 1:250,000).

    6 September 1944 Humbercamps
    Work proceeding.

    7 – 9 September 1944
    [no entries]

    10 September 1944 Humbercamps
    Came under command 2nd Armd Delivery Regiment. Appx ‘H’

    11 – 14 September 1944
    [no entries]

    15 September 1944 Humbercamps
    Advance party (2 officers and 12 ORs) moved to Wemmel (near BRUSSELS).

    16 September 1944
    [no entry]

    17September 1944
    Main party moved to Wemmel (5962 Brussels – Liege Sheet 3 1:250,000).

    18 September 1944 Wemmel
    Workshops opened up ready for work. All personnel living in reqn houses.

    19 – 25 September 1944
    [no entries]

    26 September 1944 Wemmel
    Rear party from St Michel de la Foret arrived in Wemmel.

    27 – 30 September 1944
    [no entries]
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    Hi Tom,

    I found a few more recycled Shermans
    T150970 266 FDS to 27 CAR Sherbrooke Fusiliers
    T152004 ERY to 10 CAR Fort Garry Horse seen Holland 1945
    T152151 266 FDS to 10 CAR Fort Garry Horse
    T152198 ERY to 10 CAR Fort Garry Horse seen Holland 1945
    T212728 ERY to 4 County London Yeomanry as ALLAKEEFEK

    One odd one which is a typo smewhere along the line
    I have T228718 as 9th Royal Deccan Horse as per Jungle Armour by Dennis Oliver.

    Still checking from T150000 back. Will update if i find any more.


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  8. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    Thanks, they are interesting. I’ll go back and check that anomaly - it must be wrong, unless that was a hell of a long recovery!


  9. Tom OBrien

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    Hi Kevin,

    Just checked on the original photo and it definitely says:

    East Riding Yeo. Sherman V. 228718. Drivers hatch spindle repaired, Brake assem. fitted.

    27 Armd Bde Wksps - Sherman V T.228718.JPG


  10. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the confirmation.
    I have put a post on a modelling website asking if anyone has the book and can confirm if that number is listed. Certainly a typo somewhere, possibly on my database entry. Could be me.


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  11. dml34

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    I have a copy of the Dennis Oliver book. It does say 228718..........

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  12. dml34

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    Thanks for your hard work! You have amazing patience! This war diary is pretty interesting.

  13. KevinT

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    Hi Tom,

    I am just awaiting a reply to see if both numbers are in the book otherwise the attached may be the reason for a typo in the book. I hope this link works. If not it is on Missing Lynx - Allied WWII AFV's - Jungle Armour:-

    Jungle Armour


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    No one has come back to me to confirm that both numbers are in the book yet, it is more likely either a typo when the numbers were first sent to me or i created the typo when i added to my spreadsheet, T288718 is certainly there and T228718 certainly looks more reliable as a 27AB entry.


  15. m kenny

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    Both serials are in the list mar2018373 bbb.jpg mar2018373cccc.jpg mar2018374 ddd.jpg
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  16. Thanks to Tom we may draw a partial picture of the vehicles equipping HQ 27 Armd Bde. Data is collated from the various entries above and this post: 13/18 Hussars. Tank Nos, Names, Crews.. I have ignored the Bde HQ/HQ Sqn distinction because it seems to have been used in a somewhat haphazard fashion, the same vehicle sometimes appearing under one heading or the other.

    Bde HQ & HQ Sqn
    Sherman III
    T146956 - ENDEAVOUR - 1st Protective Troop (Capt Sutherland, Cpl Abbey, L cpl Jefferys/Jefferies, Tprs Waite & Pye)
    T146965 - possibly a typo for T146956 ENDEAVOUR
    T146968 - ENTERPRISE - 1st Protective Troop (Sgt SW Sherriff, Tprs Maddison, Street, Burton & Bowden)
    T147169 - VIGILANT - 1st Protective Troop (Cpl Barnard, Tprs Churms, Evans, James & Hoyland)
    T147172 - SHAMROCK II comd tk? - Brigadier's tank?
    T228789 - obviously a gross error, because T228789 was well known Sherman Vc CAROLE from 13/18 H​
    Valentine Bridge Layer
    Humber Scout Car
    T195808 - B.E.M.E.'s Scout Car?
    T195809 - Brigadier's Scout Car?
    Humber Utility
    Humber Staff Car
    M477121 - Brigadier's Jeep?
    Carrier M29 (Weasel) - HQ Sqn
    P5514756 - Brigadier's Weasel?​
    B.S.A. M/C Solo

    Bde Signals
    B.S.A. M/C Solo
    Bde OFP
    M14 Half Track
    Ford 3 ton

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  17. Plenty more Reg Nos of 27 Armd Bde OFP lorries etc. originally posted by Sam Were here (also attached):

    Mostly Ford but a couple of Austin too...

    Attached Files:

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