War Diary Entries Sought - 1st Bn London Scottish Regiment & 10th Bn Royal Berkshire Reg

Discussion in 'British Army Units - Others' started by Combover, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Combover

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    Hi all,

    Could someone oblige with the war diaries of these two regiment for the period of February 1944:

    1st Battalion London Scottish Regiment
    10th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

    I'd be very grateful if anyone can help.
  2. Owen

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  3. Combover

    Combover Guest

    Thanks for that Owen.

    That sorts one piece of the jigsaw out! Anyone have the London Scottish entries?
  4. minden1759

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    Could I ask what your interest is?

    8-9 Feb 44 was the period when both 10 Royal BerKshires and 1 London Irish faced a massive German counter attack on the Factory at Anzio and slightly to the right towards Carano.

    I have a lot of information on 10 Royal Berkshires during this period if that helps.


  5. Combover

    Combover Guest

    Exactly that. The LIR Diary doesn't record February for some reason. I'm trying to fill in the 168 Bde gaps through the other two. I know about the attacks and counter-attacks in February, but wanted to see what the war diaries had on it all.

    ANY information is always greatfully received.
  6. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    I have the London Scottish and the London Irish Rifles regimental histories if that will help. The first is print and the second is digital, which is on-line somewhere.
  7. Combover

    Combover Guest

    Thanks Dryan, I have both of those (in the same formats, incidentally!).
  8. bexley84

    bexley84 Well-Known Member

    As you know, 1 LIR's war diaries for Feb 1944 seem to have gone missing...the National Archives' file is Jan, Mar-Dec 1944. Given their circumstance at the time, perhaps they were destroyed. I've had that file out a few times - and it's always frustrating to see the gap.

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    I'll be heading into the back room of the LIR's museum on 17th March to see if there is anything there (highly unlikely).

    That being said, I did previously spot that the NA had misfiled a London Scottish 1944 file, which, on my prompting, they've now corrected.

    Coincidentally just been to a meeting at the Rifles' Museum in Salisbury this morning - and what a gorgeous day it is.


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