War establishment of several reme workshops

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  1. Hi all,
    In the introduction of REME, I have found some workshops were present in 21st army group: infantry troops workshops, armoured troops workshops, corps troops workshops and army troops workshops. But war establishment of these workshops are missing in trux thread. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
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  2. Gary Kennedy

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    A few of those are on my 'should've got them before the Archives changed their online ordering charging' list.

    WO24/950 (ACI dates Jan-Mar 1944)
    Page 106, Inf Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/215/3
    Page 161, Armd Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/200/3
    Page 162, Army Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/206/3
    Page 163, Corps Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/207/3
    Page 164, Gen Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/208/3
    Page 168, Tk Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/273/2

    WO24/957 (ACI dates Jul-Sep 1945)
    Page 1082, Armd Tps Wksp (Type "A"), REME, ref III/200/4
    Page 1083, Corps Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/207/4
    Page 1084, Gen Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/208/4

    WO24/958 (ACI dates Oct-Dec 1945)
    Page 1736, Army Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/206/4
    Page 1737, Inf Tps Wksp, REME, ref III/215/4
    Page 1738, Armd Tps Wksp (Type "B"), REME, ref III/273/3

    Maybe some kind soul on here can share copies with you.

  3. Thanks Gary,
    I am looking for the table of the war establishment. Do you have these units war establishment details please?
  4. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    Sorry, no, I don't. That's what I meant, they were something I looked into but never acquired. The info in my post is the location of the WEs in the national archives, if you're doing any research there.

  5. Thanks Gary. I am trying to order these war establishment via British Library imaging service. Can you please let me know- how do you find these page numbers? Is there any catalog available to see the indexes/ table of contents of war establishment of a volume like WO24/950? I want to place order also for the War establishment of GHQ troops RE, Army troops RE, LoC Troops RE, Provost Company Corps troops, army troops, GHQ troops and LoC troops, Field Remount Depot, Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary and Remount Conducting Centre, Cattle Conducting section, Cattle Stocking section, Animal transport company. But I don't know the page number including volume number/ reference number of these war establishment. If I know page numbers, I can place order for more war establishment. It may save some money.
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  6. Gary Kennedy

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    I got copies of most of the indices for the WO24 WE pieces years ago, with a few blanks filled in by a friend, so at least know what's where. I'll see if I can find references to the ones you've listed, I recognise a few but not the LoC related ones. Are you looking at 21 Army Group in particular as there were theatre variations (REME had its own set of WEs in Italy for example).

    I've never heard of the British Library imaging service, I wonder if that works out cheaper than the NA's own online ordering service. I used to be able to order from five different pieces in one a single order, now they will only look in one piece at a time, and charge nearly £7.00 to do so. Copying and postage costs come on top.

  7. Hi,
    Pricing of British library imaging services: Pricing
    Order form for imaging services: Imaging Services order form
    You need not to visit National Archive even you are outside of UK.
    But bulk ordering saves money. Because first page imaging cost is 9 GBP which is equivalent to 15 Australian Dollar. That's why I asked you the page number.
    Yap I am looking for the WE of 21st Army Group.
    I have question, in 21st Army Group, were Animal Transport Company (Mule), Cattle Conducting section and Cattle Stocking section used during WWII?
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  8. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    As I invested one or two weeks per year of my precious holiday entitlement in visits to Kew, trying to find the missing overall structure of the War Establishment system during the last five years, I might help you in some of your questions. But you might not be aware of the amount of information you are asking for, much as I was. May I suggest to put your questions into smaller portions and stretch the process over a time, as I have not too much time left for the research at the moment?

    By the way: Do you have any information regarding Australian War Establishments?

  9. Hi Aixman,
    Just visit the webpage of state library of victoria (State Library Victoria) and let me know the books/ documents you need. I will send you the scan copy of that book/ document.
    I am not precise on WE of a specific period. But having interest on Operation Market Garden. That time almost complete WE was employed I guess. In trux thread, I got almost all WE except above mentioned WE.
    I wish, I will visit UK specially National archive.
  10. PsyWar.Org

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  11. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Alright, Shams and Gary

    Let's start with
    Infantry Troops Workshop, R.E.M.E.
    A.C.I.: 19.01.1944
    Effective: 10.12.1943 p 797.jpg p 798.jpg p 799.jpg p 800.jpg
  12. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    Looks like Aixman will take it from here.

    I had a look through the indices for the tables you mentioned (I have the first two, at least, and will happily send you scans if needed);

    A Provost Company (Corps or Army), III/60/5, WO24/951, page 875
    Headquarters, GHQ, Army or Corps Troops Engineers, III/260/1, WO24/949, page 1342
    (Regarding the RE, are you after the whole array of units under the various HQs, as these were published as separate WEs? Corps was slightly modified from Inf Division but LoC were much bigger and different.)
    Vet and Remount Conducting Section, III/307/1, WO24/950, page 440
    A Veterinary Evacuation Station, III/55/2, WO24/946, page 122
    Mobile Veterinary Detachment, III/56A/2, WO24/946, page 98
    Veterinary Hospital, IV/57A/2, WO24/946, page 137
    Base Depot of Veterinary Stores, IV/59/2, WO24/946, page 103
    Advanced Depot of Veterinary Stores, IV/60/2, WO24/946, page 104

    I can't see anything re cattle units, and couldn't spot an Animal Transport Company (RASC did have Pack Transport Company WEs).

    I had a quick look at the SLV site, couldn't see anything obvious re Australian WE tables? The few I have were all gifted way back when, I thought they were held at the Australian War Memorial?

  13. Thanks Gary,
    I am in Melbourne. Australian War Memorial is located in Canberra. I have a plan to visit Canberra at the end of this year. I will let you know, before going to Canberra.
    It will be great if you send me the scan copy. :D
    I believe Animal Transport Company was packed transport company RASC. Do you know the reference of WE of Packed Transport Company RASC please?
  14. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    Here are the two WEs I've got...fingers crossed


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  15. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy Member

    The Pack Transport Company, RASC, is III/45/4, WO24/943, page 99.

    If you are going near any Australian archives in the future I'm sure I can put together a wish list ;>

  16. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Armoured Troops Workshop, R.E.M.E.
    A.C.I.: 26.01.1944
    Effective: 10.12.1943
    512b 329.jpg 512b 330.jpg 512b 331.jpg 512b 332.jpg 512b 333.jpg 512b 334.jpg 512b 335.jpg 512b 336.jpg

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  17. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Armoured Troops Workshop, Type "A", R.E.M.E.
    A.C.I.: 26.09.1945
    Effective: 10.09.1945
    IMG_1013.JPG IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1015.JPG IMG_1016.JPG IMG_1017.JPG
  18. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Shams and Gary

    I'd like to do it a bit organized. As Shams opened this thread under the title "R.E.M.E. Workshops" I'd suggest presenting those here, so that other readers may find it quickly and safely. Maybe after presenting the workshops requested, Shams would like to open more threads with a concerning title.

  19. Thanks Gary and Aixman. I will create new threas for WE of veterinary services, RASC. Also acknowledge you before going to Canberra.
    You guys are gold mine of WE.

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