Warsaw Uprising: Company 'Ambrosia'?

Discussion in 'Poland' started by Davies, Oct 19, 2020.

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    I have the interview of a Mike Roland (previously Mieczyslaw Rzewinski) who recounts fighting in the Warsaw Uprising with one of 3 platoons in a Company he names as 'Ambrosia' named after Captain 'Ambrosia'. His line was on a corner of two streets which he names as 'Spooner' and Ameliaplater' (I am spelling phonetically here from his audio recording) in the town centre. Nearby was a crossroads at one end of which was the Ministry of Transport.
    He states that he was initially in a 3-story building, with the Germans (he says Herman Goering Panzer Division, after which they were Wehrmacht) attacking across open ground from the Warsaw University Experimental Botanical gardens. He describes that during a cease-fire he traded alcohol for cigarettes with the Germans in the Ministry of Transport building.

    Can anybody familiar with details of the Warsaw Uprising verify the names here? It would be tremendously helpful.

    Thank you.
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    Have a look at the book, which is partly on Google: Fighting Warsaw: The Story of the Polish Underground State, 1939-1945'
    By Stefan Korbonski; search for Ambrosia.

    May be try the Warsaw Uprising Museum, no email, address only: Visit us
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    Thanks - will try those
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    Downloaded kindle of the book and found Ambrosia immediately! Going to make for some excellent reading - thanks!

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