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Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Jan 8, 2013.

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    The issue raised here doesn't seem to be that people on the forum are unaware (the opposite in fact) rather that any reminders of atrocities, murders, policies and politics posted can make the thread drift far away from the actual and specific topic raised, ... and that some members feel obliged to introduce a topic with a summarised rejection of all things Nazi. We should be able to discuss this whole area without these codicils all the time. I know that I avoided it in the past because, rightly or wrongly, I felt those who did were judged somehow as being neos, etc.... Sometimes merely for having 'nazi' items in their collections.

    I still feel the SS and the Third Reich as a whole is under-represented on this forum, strange that, as without them ....

    While I'm at it - I also think we could do more on 'the bigger picture' but I suppose forums will always concentrate on issues with the widest appeal to their members. ;)
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    I feel its very mature that all aspects of the war should be disscused on the site,yes it can be a bit like skating on thin ice but its all part and parcel of the war,and as upsetting as it may be it happened and i feel needs to be discussed,i find this forum adult in the way it accepts the disscusion on the politics of the time and the events of the period ,some what unlike another well known forum which menyion the word politics even with in the timeframe of the earlier war and they have a dose of the vapours.
    As some one intrested in all aspects of WW2 i feel we shoild discuss all aspects of the war be it the attitude of the French to sending French Jews to camps or the Hungrians and Romanians, even the way negros were treated at this time in USA, as to the SS and Nazi Germany these things are all part and parcel of the war ,must admit i was a bit suprised to see a Schffer book entitled Female Guards of the Concentration Camps?
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    Oh, I'm definitely a "warts and all" participant. Always have been. My areas of interest have always been German and to a lesser extent Soviet. Its been a particular frustration on my part seeing discussions, particularly about the Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War descend into Shouting matches. People have, in the past, equated interest in a group as almost tacit support for that group's activities. As a group its a challenge for us to be able to discuss in a non-political way the more sensitive aspects of the Nazi Regime, the SS and the Holocaust. We should be able to talk about the Third Reich and explore areas of it without guilt. Threads like this allow us to reflect in a calmer fashion than in the midst of an Eastern Front slanging match.

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