What actor most looked like the real character in a war film ?

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Owen, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Just been looking at pics of James Mason & Rommel, not a bad lookalike, which got me wondering who looked most like the real person they were depicting in a war film ?
    Who would you vote as best film lookalike ?
  2. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    John Mills looked just like Tubby Binns.
  3. idler

    idler GeneralList

    M E Clifton-James, obviously.
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  4. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    not a war film but certainly a wartime character

    Oliver Masucci as Adolf Hitler in Er Ist Wieder Da!

  5. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    Bruno Ganz was a close replica as well.

    Gregory Peck as MacArthur was close too.
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  6. toki2

    toki2 Junior Member

    Charlie Chaplin as Hitler?
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  7. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

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  8. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    How about Canadian actor Raymond Massey, as Abe Lincoln?

  9. Vintage Wargaming

    Vintage Wargaming Well-Known Member

    Richard Todd looked very like Richard Todd but older in The Longest Day. Of course he played Major John Howard in the film and someone else (uncredited) played him.
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  10. smdarby

    smdarby Well-Known Member

    Edward Fox as Brian Horrocks in "A Bridge Too Far".
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  11. BFBSM

    BFBSM Very Senior Member

    Michael Bates as Montgomery in "Patton".

    Then there was Audie Murphy as Audie Murphy in 'To Hell and Back".
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  12. tmac

    tmac Senior Member

    Anthony Hopkins wasn't a bad lookalike for Colonel John Frost in A Bridge Too Far.
  13. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Idler's mention of Clifton James is spot-on, particularly his mannerisms.
    I write as someone who saw Monty twice !
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  14. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    Prompted me to look up the man on Google. First took me to the guy who played the broad rough talking Deputy in a couple of James Bond movies......then found the 'other' one! :)
  15. Staffsyeoman

    Staffsyeoman Member

    Actually, A Bridge Too Far hits the marks pretty well, even though Urquhart was more round faced than Connery. "Churchill and the Generals" was pretty good too; Patrick Allen as the Auk; Ian Richardson as Monty; Eric Porter as Brook; Patrick Magee as Wavell...
  16. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    For those having difficulty distinguishing them from each other (1943):

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  17. idler

    idler GeneralList

    I would suggest Audie Murphy as Audie Murphy and also the cast of Theirs is the Glory.
  18. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Very Senior Member

    Audie Murphy as Audie Murphy in 'To Hell and Back’.

    Audie Murphy was the spitting image of himself, did a good impression of himself and even sounded like himself.
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  19. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Gregory Peck was a good MacArthur.


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