What Arado 196 is this?

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  1. robin bird

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    A Norwegian Arado 196 but is it the one from Hipper that later flew to Helensburgh and crashed in 1940? The serial number looks to be 1006. Or, is it an Arado 196 in 1945?

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  2. ltdan

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    Ar 196 A-3, serial no. 0230 1006, built by SNASCO/France

    11.02.43 forced to land by Swedish Air Force
    05.45 at the Norwegian 8801st RAF Wing
    06.45 at the Norwegian 330th coastal Air Force Squadron Stavanger

    1947 crashed and sunk
    all details here:
    The remains today:
    Getskär 070808
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  3. robin bird

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    Itan thank you, impressed by your resource

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