What building in Berlin was this ?

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Owen, Oct 6, 2020.

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    Potsdamer Platz ? The Wall went right through the middle of the site so not much or the original left today.
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    Looks like a Gasometer?
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    Maybe this one? But wiki says this one survived relatively intact

    Fichte-Bunker - Wikipedia

    Retention dam around base looks similar
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    A good example of a gasometer which has been aesthetically designed for its surroundings.Usually gasometers were stark objects of engineering with no enhancing architecture screening them.The right of the photograph is a stack which would be associated with the gasworks which produced coal gas and as a valuable byproduct...coke for domestic fires.The stack itself looks to be an example of an aesthetically designed piece of architecture...probably dropped in the postwar development of Berlin.

    Having been in York today and passing the Foss on Foss Island Road,I was looking for the old site of the Foss power station.I could not recognise the site as the area has been developed since the power station has been demolished about 1980 after ceasing generation in 1972. However it appears that all is left from the old power plant which commenced generation in 1900 is the stack which has been preserved.It still stands,being beside a Morrisons supermarket which has been developed on the site.I would consider that the stack is another example of an aesthetically designed piece of architecture.

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