Where can I find digital TO&E of US Army in WWII ?

Discussion in 'US Units' started by sgtmitchell, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Hi friends,I wonder is there any website where I can find or buy digital TO&E of US Army in WWII ? There is some website I know from which one can obtain summary of the TO&E of WWII US Army,such as militaryresearch,but What I want to find is the scans of the oringinal TO&Es,and I'm not in the USA so I can not buy the photocopies of TO&E from militaryresearch.

    anyone wo can help me?or is there any friends possess digital TO&E and are willing to offer them ? I can pay for them via PayPal.Thanks a lot !

    The table highly wanted (mainly that of infantry) :
    7-17 Infantry Rifle Company
    7-15Infantry Battalion
    7-11Infantry Regiment
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    While I have none in my possession of what you want, I have spent time on the net and generally I can find what I want if I put enough time in, for even the most abstruse kinds of units. I would have thought you could find them without having to pay.
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    might be an idea to post on our sister site here WWII Forums

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