Where can I find number & type of telephone sets in HQs?

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    If this is the case, then the index from Garry's search link gives the following file (not digitized)

    OPERATIONS - EQUIPMENT FOR OPERATIONS - Corresp, reports, studies, charts, drawings, etc, re various army eqpts collected by BRA, 1st Cdn Army, d/20 Mar 44/12 Apr 45. - Minutes of 21 Army Group meeting at St Pauls School, 18 Mar 44 re provision and replacement of M7 eqpt. - Notes on Sabot projectiles, particularly the QF 6 pdr 7cwt Sabot Shot by 1st Cdn Army, d/15 Apr 44. - Vehicle Staff Tables for AFV's, certain "B" vehicles, Grens and Gun Towers, 1st Cdn Army, d/26 Apr 44. - Deficiencies in AFV's & "B" vehicles of 3 Cdn Inf Div and 2 Cdn Armd Bde as of 1 May 44 and of remainder of 1st Cdn Army as of 15 May 44. 1944/03/18-1945/04/24. File.
    RG24-G-3-1-a. Volume/box number: 10467. File number: 212C1.2009 (D89).
    Textual material. [Access: Open]. Government.
    Finding aid number: 24-68-4

    Notice the "Vehicle staff Tables" in the above, s you may want to check it out in your next visit
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    Here is a list with scale of telephones and equipment in the 2nd Army HQ (Forward and Rear) and the switchboard configuration IMG_2220.JPG IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2222.JPG IMG_2223.JPG IMG_2224.JPG IMG_2224.JPG IMG_2225.JPG IMG_2226.JPG IMG_2227.JPG IMG_2228.JPG

    From WO 244/88

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