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    Again, in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung I read about this bit of history , totally unknown to me so far.

    This group was lead by two young students:
    Hans Leipelt ( 18 July 1921 - 1945 and
    Marie-Louise Schultze-Jahn (1918-2010)

    Is that history story known by any members? I have it in German only
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    Lindele formerly HA96

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    Stefan why not give it a go

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    the family of Hans Leipelt were Protestants, but his mother Katharina was considered by the Nazis Jewish. Her mother was already killed in January 1943 in Theresienstadt. Hans fought in France and Poland, which did not help his case.
    For both Hans Leipelt and Marie-Luise Jahn the judges wanted the death penalty. The lawyer of Jahn however argued that the Arien girl was seduced by this Jew. This trick worked for Marie-Luise. Hans was executed. RIP Hans
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    The Hamburg group became known the Hamburg White Rose group by the Gestapo and had connections with Munich group insofar as they carried on distributing the last anti Third Reich propaganda flyer of the Munich White Rose after it had been eliminated.The Gestapo were soon clamping down on Hamburg dissidents, leading to arrests.After Peoples’ Courts trials, the majority were executed early in1945.

    The Encyclopedia of German Resistance to the Nazi Movement covers the two group’s activities and downfall.......Edited by Wolfgang Benz and Walter H Peble, it should be available in German.
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  8. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Thanks Harry,
    I think many Germans are not aware of this Hamburg group. Some may not want to know.

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