White Rose members executed 22. Feb. 1943

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    I blame Napoleon!
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    As a German veteran once told me, "In 1938 we were all Nazi's and if you had been there you would have been one too. We were caught up in the euphoria and no one could have fully imagined what lay around the corner."

    There were certainly segments of the population who had grave concerns but the youth in particular were taken in by the leader who brought order, prosperity and pride out of chaos.
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    Thank you for the Flugblatt Much appreciated.I have a copy of another one also dropped by the RAF in Oberschwaben. The text is a translation of a speech of Viscount..... in The House of Lords.
    If I find it in my files I will post it.
    In these days the farmer's wife could have been shot for not passing it on to the local police (Feind Propaganda). Glad she did not.
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    I would agree with you to a certain extent.the other side of the coin was the numbers of dissenters and opposition to the NSDAP and its totalitarian Third Reich.A core principle of the NSDAP was that democracy would pay no part in the new Germany...thus party political opposition leadership was eliminated by state custody.The conduit for Hitler's totalitarian grip of Germany was his March 1933 Enabling Act whereby he could raise legislation without any discussion apart from those in his inner circle where there would be no dissent expressed.

    Prewar,the concentration camp system was being used for those who were held on the pretext of "state security"......murder conducted without responsibility and accountability.(Interestingly I saw this in a Danish internment camp and in again in Mauthausen where it was claimed that the Germans were the first to categorise certain individuals as "social undesirables"....such individuals were arrested and packed off to "state security"

    As regards German youth of both sexes,indoctrination started early with the mandatory membership of the Hitler Youth and the BDM...League of German girls...girls whose prime role was comradeship,service and physical fitness for motherhood and above all to be bearers of the Nazi ideology. Junker Schools such as Bad Tolz were set up to provide succession for the SS officer class where the party ideology was central to military training.

    Without doubt the German victories in the summer of 1940 were met with rapturous welcomes throughout Germany with wild scenes by the welcoming Berlin crowds....the German propaganda newsreels of the time bear evidence to this.The official news permitted for the population was via the NSDAP Volkischer Beobachter which was recognised as the Third Reich official newspaper. Goebbels reinforced his Propaganda Ministry by a media creation of his own,Der Angriff. Other publications were allowed but supervised by Goebbels who allowed such publications but the journalists had to project National Socialism and above all never criticise the Fuhrer.

    In the summer of 1940 there must have many baby girls born and given the name Germania after Hitler's plan to rename Berlin as Germania in his vision for his 1000 year Reich.

    Nationalistic feavour was evident from when Hitler took power and it was instilled into the population that the country was at risk from its neighbours and individuals were invited to volunteer as part time frontier guards.Some years ago I had the opportunity to look at the scrap book of a German Great War veteran. He farmed close the Sudetenland border and must have volunteered for these duties to protect the Reich against Czech"aggression".For his part he received an elaborate certificate from Hitler appointing him as a frontier guard with Hitler's facsimile signature at the bottom...he must have felt proud guarding the fatherland in 1935.
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    Let me add some personel note: My mum was running a Kindergarten in 1941 and was asked by the local NSDAP to quit a nd join the NSDAP Kindergarten instead. My dad was a training yound men for the police, sohere was no way to refuse without imidiate negative actions, but my parents decided to have kids much earlier than planned. my brother and me are the evidence of that decission,born in 1942 and 2945.
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    Wow Stefan so you are talking to us from the future, :rolleyes: theres a few questions I would like to ask you ........................

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    Well spotted TD, but honestly, Ican live with it. so go ahead with your questions in 2045 on my 100. birthday and you better stay fit until then.:cheers:
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    Only recently a local historian discovered new facts about this young woman with that courage.

    Together with other woman she worked at a farm in Krauchenwies.

    Private books were not allowed, but she still read a book from Thomas Mann.

    This Forced Labour, the circumstances and the poor payment might have contributed to the actions ending with the execution in Munich.
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