Wounded at Anzio a Letter Home.

Discussion in 'Recce' started by sonofaddaydodger, May 21, 2013.

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    A Letter Home to my Dads Mother, after he was Wounded in the Breakout from Anzio.

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  2. Tom Canning

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    This letter is not all that unusual as this was all part of the " espirit de corps " of many units and the care and consideration of your friends.....in my own case that months after we had lost a Tank with one killed and two wounded

    our driver was on LIAP leave in the UK and he visited the parents of our crew to tell them what happened on the fateful day - which pleased them to know that someone cared apart from the letters from our Squadron Leader and Padre

    ..but, good letter

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    good day sonofaddaydodger,yesterday.03:20pm.re:wounded at Anzio letter home.a very personel letter.thank you for sharing.have a good day.bernard85
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    I have followed 7 CHESHIRE, the 5 BR Inf Div's Machine Gun Battalion's route during the breakout at Anzio and I am not surprised that your father was wounded. The terrain was awful and the German defences still largely intact on the western end of the British Sector when the breakout came.

    Horrible country to attack in.


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    Thanks for posting

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    This site just gets better and better, my Grandfather ( trooper PERCY CHARLES BARNES 4385412 ) was in 11 troop 2nd squad of the 5th Recce , he served from 22 . 01. 41 until 30. 12 . 45 , were thay friends ??
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    Great connection you've found.
    It might be best to try and PM him, as Keith hasn't logged in for some time.
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    Thanks dbf but how do I pm him , sorry but useless at this .
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    click on the user name of the member you want to PM & go to their profile page.
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