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    Cleaning & Care of medals

    It's always worth getting advice from a few different sources and making up your own mind about whether or not to lightly clean or polish medals, and even replace medal ribbons. In all cases ribbons should be removed (carefully) before proceeding.

    If in any doubt, consider leaving them as they are. Some people prefer the idea that they 'still have the fingerprints of the original owner' on them somewhere. Even collectors of medals cannot agree on what is preferable, some prefer them 'as worn' even if not in correct order of wear. However cases of verdigris for example should be attended to.

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  2. dbf

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    Wearing of medals

    Recipients wear their medals on their left breast when on parade / at official ceremonies.

    This is some advice from RBL regarding medals which belong to relatives during Remembrance Parades, etc. It is entirely up to the individual. I think their penultimate line on the subject is pragmatic enough.


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    Medals can be mounted singly, or on a bar in groups either swing or court style. Unless you are already proficient, it's probably best to get a professional to do this for you and have the medals looking at their best.

    (If medal ribbons need to be replaced due to wear and tear remember to say so should you also want to keep the original ones. Likewise also state if you prefer medals not to be polished - to keep the patina. )

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    Some people prefer to place medals in a shadowbox or similar, along with eg a photo, shoulder titles, cap badge, buttons, medal slips etc, anything relating to the individual's service.

    It's down to personal choice really and what's available. (If adding to the display items which did not originally belong the the person in question do consider placing this information somewhere, even on the back. It avoids confusing subsequent generations etc as to what was a personal item and what was not.)

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    Replacing lost medals

    There are a couple of ways to go about this, again up to the individual.

    Some companies produce replica medals and they can be readily found for sale on the internet.

    However, the alternative is to buy original WW2 campaign medals. Since these were generally not named to any individual - engraved with name etc on rim or reverse - original items can be bought, usually for less than the replicas, and easily substituted for medals which have been lost or misplaced over the years.

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    The Medal Office can be contacted via the following link:
    This link has applications forms for various circumstances.

    The FAQs should be read before contacting the office, as most of the more common enquiries are covered.
    For previously unissued medals The Medal Office will process applications by veterans and by Next-of-Kin. NOK is considered on a strict linear basis, for example surviving spouse, then eldest child ... and so on.

    Replacement medals will only be considered under specific circumstances. They will not replace medals if the originals were simply lost.
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    Examples of medal groups with background, shared by members of the forum, can be found with the link below.

    WW2 Medal racks
  8. dbf

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    Threads which might be of further interest, ref -

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  9. Ron Goldstein

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    Many congratulations on this epic work.

    Is it now complete and may we add comment ?

  10. dbf

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    Thanks Ron,
    Title edited - I hope I've finished. :)

    Anyone feel free to correct any errors, set right any omissions, make suggestions about links etc etc, post illustrations or tips, add whatever you think would be helpful.
  11. Ron Goldstein

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    No reservations at all in applauding this most helpful and extremely comprehensive guide to Campaign Stars & Medals.

    I was particularly pleased to see that the latest information on the Bomber Command Clasp has also been given it's rightful place.

    If I may be permitted to mention one website that I have previously used with good effect and that had been designed by a fellow forum member, namely:

    That aside, this is really a first class guide and I heartily commend it to anyone who needs any help on the subject.

  12. bamboo43

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    An impressive and comprehensive thread Di, you deserve a medal, please choose from the above.

  13. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    Nice work Di. I look forward to posting my Grandad's Arctic Star when it's issued.
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    I have so enjoyed reading this thread . Thank you for sharing Elsie
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    Lovely work D.
    Thank you for posting

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    Ron has kindly brought your epic and very comprehensive work to my attention and I would like to add my congratulations to his, well done!.

    On a very minor point, in the description of the War Medal there is a mis-translation of BR:OMN, wrongly rendered as'... king of all the Britains'.

    "GEORGIVS VI D : G: BR : OMN : REX ET INDIAE : IMP. is a classical Latin abbreviation for Georgius sextus dei gratia britanniae omnis rex et indiae imperator, which in English is: George the 6th, by the grace of God, King of all Britain and Emperor of India.

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    Diane thanks for posting

  18. Ron Goldstein

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    Hi Diane !

    I thought there might be room on this thread for a posting that discussed the point concerning the "non-awarding" of campaign stars.

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    Thanks for posting, this is an excellent reference for novices and experts alike, well done.
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    yes thanks, this will be a great reference, easy to find and pass on for those who need an answer

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