WW2 Far East Theatre & Amnesty of Japanese War Criminals

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    During my research for a work of fiction, I was astonished to find out that Japanese war criminals were given a general amnesty around 1949/ 50.
    The Tokyo Trial indicted and found most of the Class A criminals guilty. Many were hanged, many were given life sentences, and a few acquitted. Yet astonishingly, in 1948, General McArthur acting with the Allies' consent, halted the trials indefinitely. In 1949/ 50, those imprisoned had ther sentences reduced drastically and many let out on parole. The war criminals who were at large were no longer hunted down. Effectively they were free to resume civilian life, free from future prosecution.
    This is not the case with the Nazi criminals. Very recently, Germany put on trials two Nazi war criminals after they had been in hiding since the end of the war.
    I have now published my book which has a good part devoted to a story of two fictional British soldiers who survive the atrocities during the Burma-Thailand railway construction. Some 50 years later, they discover that the head and owner of a large international Japanese company, a billionnaire, is none other than the camp guard who committed unimaginable atrocities. The War Office is no help. He cannot be prosecuted. They hatch a plot to get justice and retribution in an ingenious manner.
    The ebook title is 'A Basket Full of Hands' and can be obtained from Amazon for £0.99p. I'd like to offer this ebook free of charge to members of this forum. If you tell me have your email address, I'd be very happy to forward a PDF file of the full book..
    Feedback, good or bad, will be hugely appreciated.
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    Thank you CLI. Much appreciated.

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