WW2 Letter Written by Corporal Lawrence H. Wild who was killed in action in Germany

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    Lawrence Wild was a Technician 5th Class with the 405th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division, Company C.
    He married in 1940 before entering the service. He and his wife had a two year old daughter and were both expecting another child on April 17th 1945. In preparation Lawrence sent a package containing two pair of red shoes for his two-year-old daughter, Sandra, and two pairs of brown shoes for the expected child. Unexpectedly for them both on April 17th she had twins. News that he was a new father of twins and a photograph of the twins was shorty sent by letter by his wife.

    Unfortunately he would never receive that letter. Around the same time, his wife received a telegram stating that he had been killed in action fighting the Germans in Germany. Sadly enough the telegraph came just hours before her husband’s package he had sent arrived. Lawrence never knew he was the father of twins and his children grew up never knowing their father. He was killed just 5 days after the birth of his newborn twins.

    Lawrence was killed in action on April 22nd somewhere along the Elbe River in Germany. Killed just a few weeks before the end up the war in Europe.

    This is a letter he sent his wife while in France on August 30th 1944. It reads:

    Dear Baby,
    Here I am in my tent. We are in France cannot tell you where. I am okay, feel fine but I miss you and Sandy so much think about you and Sandy all the time. They have alot of rain here and it is very cold in the night and morning. The people here do not have much food all of them are thin it seems like they are very happy to see us.

    I tried to talk to one of the boys but they do not talk like us so I did not know what he was saying and he did not know what I was saying. We don’t go any place for there is no place to go we are out in the field. We have to wash the best we can we have to wash our clothes.Well, try to write every day for I miss you so much.

    Are you okay was the doctor alright I hope so. How is Mom and Pop are they well? Well its getting dark now so I guess I better stop we worked on a bike today. I don’t have a jeep yet. Goodnight Baby write soon

    Love you always,

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