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Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by vikingsraven, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. vikingsraven

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    Hi , need some help please, trying to find out what insignia were worn by the ATS who worked in 'Y' section, my wife is trying to get her ATS unifrom together for a re-enactment display.
    Ipresume the royal signals badge would have been some where, i have an original bakelite one that she will use if thats the case.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Baker Street Boys (SOE training )
  2. Jedburgh22

    Jedburgh22 Very Senior Member

    Hugh Skillen did three books about the Y Service Knowledge Strengthens the Arm has some pictures if I recall.

  3. vikingsraven

    vikingsraven Junior Member

    Cheers, just tried looking for the book, hmm not sure £35 - £59 is a good price for a paper back.
    Ive contated Joan Nicholls, shes written abook on ysection and she served in there during the war, but no feed back yet.
  4. StanAmes

    StanAmes Junior Member

    There is a cheaper and possibly more useful book writen by "Joan Nicholls" who worked in Army Y at Beaumanor. It has lots of photos of ATS in uniform, you should be able to see their insignia.
    Author: Joan Nicholls
    Title :- England needs you The story of Beaumanor Y station world war two.
    ISBN: 0-9538186-0-8

    If you go to "usedbooksearch co uk" you will find that WH Smith have it at £17.50
    Another place that probably has many such photos is Bletchley Park.

    Hope thats helpful.

  5. vikingsraven

    vikingsraven Junior Member

    thanks for that ive been searching for ages, not had any reply from MS Nicholls either. Just ordered a copy. 4 week delivery time though , still. Thanks again
  6. wigjohn

    wigjohn Member

    I have just started to read the book by Joan Nicholls 'England Needs You' The Story of Beaumanor Y Station. This badge appears on page 59.
    There are lots of photos of ATS ladies in uniform, but you will need good eye sight to distinguish any details on the uniforms.
    The book is an excellent read.

  7. vikingsraven

    vikingsraven Junior Member

    thanks thats the badge i thought they might have had.
  8. Jedburgh22

    Jedburgh22 Very Senior Member

    The ladies also used to wear the badge of the unit they were serving with as a breast pocket badge in the case of Y it would have been Royal Signals
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  10. vikingsraven

    vikingsraven Junior Member

    cheers guys, jedburgh , my dad gave me one of hi original RS Plastic badges from his collection, so thats on . WHsmiths have come back and they dont do the book any more, amazon has one for £132.50 a smidge over what i was willing to pay (£120 more actually).
    Thanks for the info

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