Coldstream Guards patrol through Arras, 1 September 1944; IWM BU 254

Object description: Infantry of the Coldstream Guards patrol through Arras, 1 September 1944. Catalogue number: BU 254 Part of: WAR OFFICE SECOND WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION Subject period: Second World War Alternative Names: object category: Black and white Creator: Laing (Sgt), No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit Category: photographs

Coldstream Guards patrol through Arras, 1 September 1944; IWM BU 254
dbf, Apr 28, 2013
    • alan8376
      Photo also shown in the book "The King's Most Loyal Enemy Alien's." The 5th Battalion of the Coldstream Guards enter Arras. Ernest Goodman is secound in line, his friend Archie Newman is the fourth man.
    • Owen
      be interesting to find that view on GoogleStreetView.
    • dbf
      Thanks for adding the reference Alan.

      For anyone interested in the CG there are a few more images in this album, from the same sequence, ie, all Arras.
    • Bernard85
      good day dbf,yesterday,12:54pm.re:cold stream guards patrol.the look of determination on the lead man is one of determination.i would not like to be a Gerry with those boys coming at me,great photo.it sums up the situation they are in.(great danger)thanks for sharing,stay well.bernard85
    • nedcariss
      my father Edwin cariss is the 3rd man from the right he was a sergeant , and a mortar man could any say what he was carrying with the rubber pipe attached thanks ned
    • Owen
    • Combover
      Owen is spot on, It's a Sten III.
    • Carol Wilkins
      nedcariss Hi Ned. Regarding your post on this photo. The third man is my Father Sergeant Philip Roland Wilkins. I think you maybe mistaken. I have the original photograph which was in a newspaper. I put this photo on the internet quite a few years ago.perhaps you can shed some light about this?
    • dbf
    • Carol Wilkins
      Thanks DBF. I did notice the post was quite old. I did know iwm had a copy. Thanks.
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