1/5 Queens Royal Regiment departure for France 1940

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    My father's cousin was in the above regiment and I have all of his letters home, which I am slowly transcribing.

    I am puzzled:

    1. Called up 15/11/39
    2. Initial training at Stoughton Barracks, Guildford
    3. 14/03/40: moved to Seaford, Sussex where billeted in a private house.
    4. Letter dated 04/04/40 still at Seaford
    5. Letter not dated, just says "Thursday" saying "we are almost certainly going abroad tonight".
    6. Card not dated but says "Friday" (and certainly the next day from the above) saying "We did not go last night after all.... paraded in FSMO..... returned to billet..." (my bold).
    7. Next letter is dated 17/04/40 and is from France.
    My puzzle is that the battalion diary (and other sources) shows the 1/5 departed for France from Southampton on 03/04/40. My relative was still in Seaford then.

    Secondly, the battalion diary (and other sources) show that the 1/5 were in Sherborne, Dorset prior to journey to Southampton and departure for France. (They had been inspected by the King there on 7th February so had apparently been there for some time).

    There is nothing in the battalion diary of any units joining them in France at a later date, although the battalion strength on sailing is shown as 30 officers, 608 O.R.'s and on 30th April as 28 officers, 740 O.R.'s.

    Long shot I know, but does anyone have any record (or theory) as to a part of the battalion being in Seaford when the battalion sailed for France?

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    Page 67 of the regimental history, states:

    It may be possible that the soldier in question was a member of one of these guards.

    The increase in the number of ORs could be due to those men returning to the Battalion who remained in England to hand over the vacated billets and to ensure that any damage which had occurred was suitably repaired.
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    Interesting, thank you. He was in C Coy at the time and it was an occupied house (he mentions the landlady) so not sure that fits him.

    I will keep investigating, although not sure where!
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    Have a look at the Brigade Diary also that may help.
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    Cheers, that's a good plan.
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