1/76 Milicast Mack NM6 - 6 Ton Gun Tractor/7.2" Howitzer on US M1 Carriage

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    Here is one I just completed featuring two Milicast offerings. The Mack NM is one I mastered for them some years ago and the 7.2" is one Dave Rhodes did for them as well. I did a master of the Mk II limber for Milicast as an option as Dave's had the later Mk V. The wheels on the gun were mastered by Stu Harrison for Milicast as well featuring the civvy pattern tread common on the US M1 chassis. The figures are also from the Milicast Pioneer range. So, here is the combination marked up as the 53rd Heavy Artillery Regt. RA as they may have appeared in Holland in 1945. My thanks to Pete Marshall (Aleran Minis) for the decals.


    Neil 20211029_152819.jpg 20211029_152918.jpg 20211029_152933.jpg 20211029_152951.jpg 20211029_153019.jpg 20211029_153041.jpg
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    Very nice.

    I have just been reading about a civilian outfit which used Mack NMs with 40 ton trailers to move Centurion tanks from the ordnance factory at Barnbow in Leeds. Most went south down the A1, a fairly easy drive, but a lot went to a depot in Cheshire. This meant going over the Pennines on pretty poor roads. Two Mack NMs were needed, mainly so that one could be attached to the rear and act as a brake. That would make a good diorama. For even more added interest the drivers sometimes got off and walked alongside on uphill stretches. I do not know why but the police did not approve.

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    Thanks Mike.....interesting anecdote....I do have a photo of NM's with Rogers trailers loaded with Cromwells leaving the Leyland plant but not Cents.
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    That's superb! Thanks for sharing it, Neil!
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    Neil again fantastic model
    thank you for posting

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    Thank you both Chris and Clive for the great comments and now we continue to learn and Stu Harrison pointed out yesterday that in all his research on the 7.2" and 8" Howitzers, he has never noticed the travel-lock in use. Dick Harley is also actively trying to determine how it was positioned in transit and has solicited Tim Neate to give his input as well. It seems most photos of these guns in transit show the barrel in a full forward position without a travel-lock. Fortunately, Dave Rhodes when he made the master for Milicast had a glove-like fit of the barrel assembly to the cradle so it was dead simple to slide the barrel full forward to correct it's appearance in transit and remove the travel-lock. Fortunately, I didn't glue it into position. A little paint touch up and it was done so here is the gun only with the reconfigured barrel location. Now, it may be that it did travel with a travel-lock and if so, is a simple change to re-configure it.....TBD. Here is a view of the revised barrel location.



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    Crikey Neil
    I would not have noticed or have a clue

    well done
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    I had totally missed that as well but easily put to rights thank goodness....all for the sake of accuracy!
  9. Makes sense, since the centre of gravity of the barrel would thus be closer to the 4 dual wheels, not to mention the obviously faster change from firing to towing configurations ( and vice versa)...

    Stupendous work as usual, Neil!
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    Worth a look:

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    I have that video saved and it is a great little piece on the 155mm which did use the travel rest. I have since learned from Tim Neate who (through Dick Harley) said that according to the manuals at the Artillery Museum, both the 7.2" and 8" did travel with the barrel full forward likely for the reason Michel stated above. Thanks Michel for your input as well and your nice comments.

    Thanks for sharing the video.


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