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    Looking into another local man, Private Charles Oliver Ford, RASC died 23/1/1943. Also buried the same day were Driver John Robert Taylor RASC and Lt Frank Henry Hughes B Sqn 56 Recce Regt, all 3 at Beja then concentrated at Medjez-el-Bab in 1944. Both RASC men are listed as 1 AF PU RASC. Are all 3 connected to the same incident ? The local paper says Pvt Ford was KIA, the IWM has a photo of Dvr Taylor's grave and one unreadable behind saying 2 men of 2 AF PU KIA, photo taken 10/2/1943. Pvt Ford's wife remarried and had 2 children, she told them he died after falling from a truck.

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    132162 Lt Frank Henry Hughes, 56 Recce - died as a result of accident
    S 13069504 Pte Charles Oliver Ford - accidently killed
    T 4276902 Driver John Robert Taylor - accidently killed

    Can find no mention of incident for Lt Hughes in 56 Recce diaries

    Diary 1.jpg
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    Wonder if it was a collision at night, looking on Google it seems a straightish road on flat ground (well now anyway) marked as the P11.
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    Reading that both RASC in the papers say KIA, and Lt Hughes states road accident but again the others state accidentally killed, wonder if it was 'friendly fire'. I've ordered his death cert, so should come as 'War Operations' or Accident as c.o.d, but worth a punt.
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    Just to update : Pte Ford seconded to 1 AFPU, Army Film and Photographic Unit, killed by sniper fire along with Driver John Robert Taylor, RASC AFPU. Sgt Billy Jordan, 1 AFPU was wounded and received the Military Medal for filming the events
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