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    Does anyone know if the 1 KRRC were still in Alexandria when the Italians declared war on June 10th 1940?
  2. ethan

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    Apparently they arrived at Siddi Barrani the very same day, July 10th 1940.

    I'm too untechnical to be able to copy and paste today, but www.krrcassociation.com has the details.
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    Thank you.
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    Here are some of the early moves:

    7th Support Group – 22 January 1940 to 29 March 1941
    From February to April 1940 the battalion did exercises with the division. It received a platoon of men from the Rhodesia Regiment on April 14th, 1940. Eventually it received enough Rhodesians to allow for one platoon per company. On May 2nd, 1940 the battalion moved to the desert with the 7th Support Group and 11th Hussars. It spent one week at Wadi Halazin then it was split between Sidi Barrani and Mersa Matruh. It moved to Mersa Matruh on June 9th less ‘B’ Company at Sidi Barrani and ‘D’ Company on the Libyan frontier. That night HQ, ‘A’ and ‘C’ Companies moved to Sidi Barrani and then to Buq Buq. It spent the next month at Buq Buq. ‘D’ Company fought in the battle at Capuzzo on June 13th. The battalion moved to the Sollum area in July 1940 and took over from the 2nd Rifle Brigade. It switched with 2nd Rifle Brigade and moved back to Buq Buq on August 2nd. It then moved to the front opposite Capuzzo on August 14th and between September 7th and 8th ‘A’ and ‘C’ Companies moved to Buq Buq while ‘B’ and ‘D’ Companies relieved two companies of the 2nd Rifle Brigade at Sofafi and Maddelena. On September 16th it moved back to the front, joined by ‘D’ Company from Maddelena. It moved to Bir Gelez on September 17th and 18th and then one week later to Bir Khalila with ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘D’ companies on harrassing columns. On October 25th, 1940 the battalion moved to the front again except for ‘C’ Company at Siwa. The campaign started on December 9th, 1940 and the battalion was fully involved until it returned to Cairo on February 18th, 1941 and then moved to Mena Camp on February 28th.
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    Thank you so much. You mention 2 RB, do you know their movements during 1940 also? Ta.
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    7th Support Group – 22 January 1940 to 12 April 1941
    The battalion joined the group in Egypt on its formation on January 22nd, 1940. It served at the Citadel, Cairo until May 2nd, 1940, when it moved to the front west of Mersa Matruh at Wadi Helazin. The 2nd Rifle Brigade was relieved in the Sollum area in July 1940 by the 1st King’s Royal Rifle Corps. On August 2nd, the 2nd Rifle Brigade switched places with the 1st King’s Royal Rifle Corps, which moved back to Buq Buq. The battalion remained at the front in contact with the Italians through December 9th, when the Sidi Barrani offensive began. It fought with the brigade at that battle as well as the capture of Bardia and Tobruk then ending with the battle of Beda Fomm. The battalion handed over the front to the 9th Rifle Brigade on February 27th, 1941 and went to the Delta at the start of March 1941 to rest and refit. It was sent on Ismailia in the Suez Canal area on mine-watch duties and was located at Ismailia. It later moved to Mena.
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    Many thanks once again.

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