100 HAA Regiment, RA, 1940-43

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    New to this forum , so hello to everyone:)

    Can anyone help me put some meat on the bones of my Father's service record please?

    His name was Alex Meikle.

    16/9/1940 deemed to have been enlisted hamilton
    20/9/1940 posted to 321 Hy AA Battery RA Hamilton Gunner
    13/7/1941 attached to 356 HAA Bty Hamilton
    14/8/1941 attached to 305 HAA Bty Hamilton
    20/8/1941 attached to 304 HAA Bty Hamilton
    9/9/1941 attached to 265 HAA Bty Dumbarton
    7/4/1942 Military Hospital Inverary
    24/4/1942 posted to Y list
    4/7/1942 posted to Rugby with 100 HAA Regt RA
    7/7/42 re-posted to 321 Bty Poole
    15/1/1943 embarked middle east with 321 Bty, F TROOP
    21/3/1943 disembarked middle east
    27/6/1943 embarked for unknown destination (Sicily) with 321 Bty
    29/8/1943 SOS MEF BNAF 321 Bty
    6/9/1943 TOS BNAF MEF 321 Bty
    16/9/1943classified gunner 1A
    Awarded Africa Star
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    United Sound,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There are many experts on this forum that can inform you better than I but here are the following that I know.
    HAA stands for Heavy Anti Aircraft and Bty for Battery.

    SOS is I believe Sent over seas
    MEF Middle east Force
    BNAF British North African Force

    I am sure that others will correct me if I am wrong and also add what I have no knowledge of.

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    Welcome aboard and let's start you off.

    The one item I can help with is the "posted to Y list".

    On a previous discussion about Army Records it was established that this referred to being taken off the "available for active service" list. In your case it would appear that your Dad was considered unfit for duty at the time in question.

    Have a look at my records and see how they recorded my demob as "Posted to Y List".

    Hope this helps


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    Welcome to forum unitedsounds.
    from the abbreviation list they sent with my Dads service record.
    SOS means; Struck Off Strength or Static Officers Shop.
    TOS means; Taken On Strength.

    if you more abb's let me know.

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    SOS is I believe Sent over seas

    I would prefer Signed on Strength and TOS is Taken off Strength (both always followed by date
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    I was only coping from abbrv's sent to me from MOD, but I do intend to agree with you, see attached.


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    Once again I turn to the pages of 'Anti-Aircraft Artillery, 1914-55' by Brigadier Routledge. Part of the History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery series. All tables and quotes are taken from this book.

    As Owen has already posted 100th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment RA (TA) consisted of two Batteries 304 and 305 from the outset of war, with a third added (321 Bty) in 1942. 356 and 265 Btys do not appear in the book's index, so I have been unable to assign them to a Regiment.
    I will continue with the war service of 100 HAA.

    They first appear in the narrative in the build up to Operation Husky, the allied invasion of Sicily on July 10th 1943, where for some operational reason they are down to only two batteries 304 and 321. They were assigned to two of eight beach groups consisting of one HAA and one LAA battery each, commanded by a small AA HQ. All of the units deployed were stripped to minimum scales of men and equipment (see table)
    Convoys assembled for 'Husky' in several places as far off as Britain and Egypt as well as Malta and Tunisia and required careful timing to match the long and short hauls. Bad weather encountered during the voyages left a nasty swell running which greatly discomforted troops in the smaller vessels but this was not the only hazard: some convoys were discovered and attacked at sea, suffering losses and casualties. 321st/100th and 2nd/1st HAA Batteries lost guns and vehicles in ships which were sunk.

    By 7th August, D+28, both batteries of 100 HAA with 17th/1st Bty HAA were under command of 73rd AA Brigade at Catania.

    By mid-September both batteries, still with 73rd AA Bde., were still in Sicily at Milazzo, covering the port and ferries for the invasion of Italy.
    This is the final mention of 321st/100th Bty. in the history.

    The CO of 100 HAA, Lieutenant Colonel G.V.N. Chadd RA goes on to command No.35 Beach Group protecting a beach maintenance area during Op. Avalanche, the landings at Salerno. However he now only has 305 Bty under command. The other two batteries presumably going into reserve.

    The rejoined Regiment next appear at the end of 1943, now in 66th AA Brigade. In support of the advance of Fifth Army from Salerno towards Rome, where they were by February 1944.
    Their last deployment was around the complex of airfields surrounding Foggia, from where they disbanded sometime between May 1944 and January 1945.


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    Many thanks to everyone for the welcome and for taking time to respond to my question.

    Especially to Bod, who has given me food for thought on Sicily.

    BTW when 321 was disbanded my Father was transferred to 1st then 6th Black Watch.

    I know that he was in Italy and Greece thereafter through to 1945.

    Does anyone know what the duties of a Gunner 1A were?

    Also where in Hamilton and Dumbarton would 100HAA have been based during 1940-1.

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    United Sound, Hi,
    My Father Tom Maguire 910481 following training served with 304.100HAA Regt RA from 3rd Sept 1932 to 16th July 1942 when he was posted as part of the Cadre to Manorbier in Wales to form 391 Battery / 113 HAA Regt RA. Most of the time he was stationed around the Clyde approaches GSG1 Blantyre Ferme, GSG2 Rogerton and GSG3 Carmunnock. 100 HAA were sent to N Africa in May 1943.
    Hope this little bit of info helps.
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