107 Sqdn Blenheims to Finland ?

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  1. My uncle was George Durie, a Sgt Observer on 107 Sqdn 1934/40. He was KIA 21st April 1940 over Stavanger. I have some photos which were in his effects. There's no dates or anything else written on the back. Most are groups in uniform but a couple are a bit different. I attach one of five aircrew in flying suits. One has his suit unzipped to show what looks like civilian clothing underneath. George is not among them but the one 2nd from right might be Basil Embry who was a W/Cdr and CO of 107 Sqdn at the time. Could anyone confirm that ? The other pic is of a group in PE kit. George is extreme right middle row standing. Is that Basil Embry front row left ?

    I'm aware that some Blenheims were sent to Finland early 1940. Maybe the British government did not want to make it too obvious that RAF aircrew were flying military aircraft over a neutral country (Sweden). Could this be why the group are wearing civvies under their uniforms. Any comments on this would be welcome.


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