12 cards am i reading this wrong ? is there an error ?

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    hi all i have been having another look at an ancestor on the national archive and if they have any new records for him on there site.

    His date of birth is wrong but everything else is spot on. i already have two POW cards for him a medical (red) and a normal (cream) i don't believe i have this record.

    Going on the description and the opening date stated as the 1st of January 2022 i can not have. it also says 12 cards is this possible ? or does this mean 12 cards in the box for other POWs ? am i reading this wrong ?

    WO 416/75/10
    Name: Stanley Conway.

    Date of Birth: 22/09/1921.

    Place of Birth: Thurnscoe.

    Service: British Army.

    Rank: Private.

    Regiment/Unit/Squadron: Royal Artillery.

    Service Number: 1520665.

    Date of Capture: 25 May 1940.

    Theatre of Capture: Calais.

    Camp Name/Number: Stalag XIIA Limburg.

    PoW number: 21560.

    Date of Death: [unspecified].

    Number of Photographs: 1.

    Number of Fingerprints: 1.

    Number of X-rays: 0.

    Number of Cards: 12.

    Access conditions: Closed Until 2022
    Record opening date: 01 January 2022

    thank you for taking the time the read my post any reply's are much appreciated.
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    I believe it does indeed mean there are 12 cards. From what I’ve seen of these records there might not be a whole lot on some cards. Only way to be sure is to request a page check (cost £8,50) and see what the archives say.

    Sadly my own relative’s cards appear to be missing - I suspect they might’ve been used for a pension claim and according to the information on the NA site, cards used for this purpose were not returned. I have recently asked for another set of records though regarding another POW who died in captivity and it will be interesting to see what comes back.
  4. The Viking

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    Hey all update they have found another card and 3 photograph I gather these will be his register mug shots. I received this email today :)

    Thank you for your suggested amendment to the catalogue description for the document WO 416/75/10.

    I have now been able to check the description against the original document and agree that there is an anomaly. There is actually a total of thirteen cards as opposed to twelve and three photographs as opposed to two.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The amendments should be live on our catalogue by 5 August
  5. The Viking

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    UPDATE : so today I received a reply from the NA the page check is complete and everythings there more than I wanted to be honest.

    There is 24 pages (i only wanted stanleys) I believe this to be a mistake and they think I want copy's of the whole record set haha.

    I have been in contact with them we will see.

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  6. vitellino

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    Employ a private researcher
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  7. The Viking

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    Vitellino I think this might be the way forward as I have said I think they has been a mistake, but if it is the case these are Stanley's I will be hiring a researcher. :)
  8. Incredibledisc

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    Get a digital copy. Far cheaper and you can always print the relevant bits yourself. I got 8 cards from my last search and only paid the £8.50 for the page check and digital copy.

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