12211 Lieutenant-Colonel Dick Surtees CRIPPS, DSO, MiD, 8 King's Royal Irish Hussars: E & E

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    Personal Number: 12211
    Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel
    Name: Dick Surtees CRIPPS, DSO, MiD
    Unit: 8 King's Royal Irish Hussars

    London Gazette : 30 November 1934
    8th H.—
    Capt. D. S. Cripps is secd, for serv. as an Adjt., T.A. 19th Nov. 1934.

    London Gazette : 5 August 1938
    The undermentioned Capts. to be Majs.
    1st Aug. 1938:—
    8th H.
    D. S. Cripps.

    London Gazette : 28 February 1939
    8th H.—
    Maj. D. S. Cripps retires on ret. pay. 1st Mar. 1939.

    London Gazette : 1 April 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned for distinguished services in the Middle East during the period August, 1939, to November, 1940: —
    Royal Armoured Corps (Hussars).
    Cripps, Maj. D. S. (12211).

    London Gazette : 8 July 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of distinguished services in the Middle East dur- ing the period December, 1940, to February, 1941: —
    The Distinguished Service Order.
    Major Dick Surtees Cripps (12211), Royal Armoured Corps (Hussars).

    London Gazette : 8 May 1951
    8th H.
    Maj. D. S. CRIPPS, D.S.O. (12211), having exceeded the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs., 9th May 1951, and is granted the hon.-rank of Lt.-Col.
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    See also:
    • Person Page
    • Obituary: Lt Col D.S. Cripps, D.S.O. | QRH Museum
    • "Dick Surtees Cripps joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in Mesopotamia in July 1920.
      A natural and stylish horseman he won the Regimental Point to Point three years running on `Madcap’ and was later a member of the British Army Team.
      Recalled from retirement on the outbreak of war, he rejoined the Regiment in Egypt and took command of ‘B’• Squadron.
      In August ‘B’ Squadron were the first to go into action against enemy (Italian) armour. After a prolonged running battle, the enemy was forced to retire and subsequently Major Cripps was awarded the D.S.O., the Regiment’s first decoration of the War.
      In May 1941 he took over command of the Regiment and by November was back in action attempting to relieve Tobruk. During the action, he was taken POW and remained so until September 1943 when Italy capitulated.
      After the war, he retired to Limerick and began breeding bloodstock. In 1962 he won the Queen Mary Stakes at Royal Ascot with ‘Shot Silk’ and so became the only 8th Hussar to have graced the winners’ enclosure at the Royal Meeting.
      Dick Cripps was a quiet man. With men and horses, he never raised his voice but, with a permanent twinkle in his eye, and a ready wit that was never unkind, he commanded a deep measure of respect and affection from all who served with or under him.
      In 1933 he married Miss Betty Goodbody of Woodsdown, County Limerick, a sister of a later Adjutant General, General Sir Richard Goodbody. She predeceased him by some months."
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    He commanded the regiment in an action that is still being treated very unfairly by historians, against KG Stephan on 19 November 1941, and the comment about cavalry regiments from Crisp in 'Brazen Chariots' is disgraceful.

    I have analysed this in great detail in the second article here: Articles

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