14406020 William Roy WILLIAMS, 1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Italy 7/10/1944

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    Hi, I apologize in advance if I am on the wrong Forum, but wondered if anyone can help with what happened to this soldier please, I can find very little about his birth and family except what is on the 1939 National Register and these details below, but also wanted to know, if possible, how he died and what the 1st Bn Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were doing in Italy at the time of his death.

    Chester Chronicle 11th November 1944 Roy WILLIAMS, Mancot Lane, KIA Italy
    Killed on Active Service

    Mr. & Mrs. Williams, 73, Mancot Lane, have received news that their son, Roy, has been killed in action in Italy. He was educated at Hawarden County School and before joining the Force two years ago was employed on the clerical staff of the L.M. & S. Railway at Chester.

    Hawarden Grammar School Admissions Register E/GS/1/10
    1903/2788 WILLIAMS, Roy William ,Date of birth – 6th May 1924, 73, Mancot Lane, Queensferry, Father – Turbine Driver, Date of entry 15th September 1936, Previous School - Queensferry, Senior, Left 40.

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    Service Number 14406020
    Died 07/10/1944
    Aged 20
    1st Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
    Son of Thomas and Miriam Williams, of Queen's Ferry, Flintshire.

    Thanks in advance also for any little titbit of information so I can make sure his story is told and he will be remembered for his sacrifice.
    Kindest regards,
    Mavis Williams
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    See page 162 here.
    Chapter 16 – Eighth Division – Fifth Army’s Flying Squad

    Two days later Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders fought their way up Monte Cavallara, and hurled the enemy from its summit. The way was open for a bid for Monte Casalino, a steep tree-clad hill a mile to the north-east. This height barred the way to Monte Gaggiolo, three miles further north, which rose above the gut of high ground where Sword and Star Routes converged to within five miles of each other.
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    Just last night I finished reading a brilliant book "The Mirror of Monte Cavallara" by Ray Ward who commanded A Company 1st A&SH in the attack where Pte Williams was killed, Pte Williams was one of 12 men of A Company killed in the attack on Monte Cavallara - I had a quick look at the section covering the battle and he isn't mentioned by name but near the end where the authors son talks about revisiting his fathers battlefields he gives a list of the 12 A Company men and Pte Williams is mentioned.

    I'd strongly recommend the book, ebay has a few copies fairly cheap
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    Here is what Graham's regimental history has on October 7, 1944 for the 1st Battalion.
    A&SH01.jpg A&SH02.jpg A&SH03.jpg A&SH04.jpg
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    Thank you both Owen and AB64 for such swift replies with so much knowledge. It will be a boon to me, as I want to help relatives find out what happened to their kinfolk, I know I would want to know all the details. Thank you AB64, I will look on ebay.
    I have just seen what Dyan67 has sent, so many thanks for this, I can add it to William Roy's page when I complete my research, I am stuck on his birth and his parent's marriage, they came from Liverpool, looking at his Army Roll of Honour :-

    William Williams in the UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: William Williams
    Given Initials: W R
    Rank: Private
    Death Date: 7 Oct 1944
    Number: 14406020
    Birth Place: Liverpool
    Residence: Cheshire
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Italy
    Regiment at Death: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    I found his parent's on the 1939 Nat. Reg.:-
    1939 Register (Taken on the 29th September 1939)
    Williams Household (4 People)
    73 Mancot Lane,Mancot Royal,Queensferry , Hawarden R.D., Flintshire, Wales
    Thomas Williams 25 Jun 1884 Male Electric Power Station Turbine & Engine Man Married 196 1
    Miriam Williams 26 May 1887 Female Unpaid D Duties Married 196 2
    Sorry, this record is officially closed. Check if you can open a closed record.*
    Sorry, this record is officially closed. Check if you can open a closed record.
    *William Roy was probably one of the redacted records as he would have only been about 15 years old then. So did he have a sibling?

    However, I digress again, I cannot thank you all enough, I am always amazed at your expertise.
    Stay safe,
    Regards, Mavis

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