1st Battalion Tyneside Scottish, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). 1940

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    Hi Einir,

    There`s a forum member John Dixon who will be able to help I think. Visit his website


    Insert the word `Norman` into the search box and it will bring up the matches I had a go but could only find one Tynside Scottish but not from Edinburgh? There`s others from 10 and 11th DLI .I could list them but its John Dixons research so I would rather you speak/contact him :)

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    Thenks kyle I hat sent email whit info :)

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    Thanks to the info and advice here I've managed to get a copy of a post card from the International Red Cross for my grandfather lance corporal Norman Ross. 4439816, and details of his transfers around pow camps, I've not seen this info anywhere else. It took from April 2014 to November 2015, but it came. I had almost given up as you can no longer request this.

    Second World War archives: Research suspended


    In light of the ongoing revision of the rules for access to the ICRC archives, the research service is currently suspended.

    The rules for access to the ICRC archives are currently being revised in order to take account of new international data protection standards. This means that it is still not possible to process requests for information about individuals who were registered by the Central Prisoners of War Agency during the Second World War.

    We are therefore unable to accept any new requests, unless you can prove the humanitarian nature of your request.

    We will make further announcements in 2016 about the resumption of this service. We encourage you to consult our website regularly for updates.

    Thanks again

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    Hello Mich,
    Welcome to the forum :) From the DLI enlistment and Discharge books via ex member Verrieres;-

    4439816 Cpl Norman Ross

    Enlisted 1/12/21 into the Teritorial army for an initial period of 4 yrs Civilian occupation Paper maker
    Aged 19 on his enlistment in Gateshead.
    Joined 9 Durham Light Infantry,
    Discharged 30/11/25, Re-enlisted 5/5/39 9 DLI, Transferred 12th DLI then Black Watch 1/2/40, 1st Tyneside Scottish, Captured France 1940 (Black Watch) Pow no 10349 Camp 1945 Stalag 357 Discharged Class Z Army Reserve 8/1/46.
    On his initial enlistment his next of kin was his dad Mr .A.T.C.Ross,address 39, Bensham Terrace, Gateshead

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    I,m also trying to find any mentions of my uncle, who was killed on 20 May 1940: Private Joseph Bernard Kiney, 2759049 1st Bn Tyneside Scottish, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

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