2/32nd Australian Infantry Battalion Association

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  1. WX10280

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    Does anyone know whether the 2/32nd Battalion Association is still in existance?

    My late Father in Law served with the 2/32nd and I am interested in making contact with possibly other members or their families.

    Many thanks.
  2. Wills

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  3. spidge


    I can't find anything on the association but the plaque you may or may not have:

    From: Rocky Creek - Plaques

    2nd 32 Plaque.jpg
  4. WX10280

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    Thanks guys for the info guys.

    The 2/32nd Battalion Association commissioned a book to be written about the history of the Battalion (which I have a copy) and that is where I found the name. Also the name appears on a dinner/dance invitation from the 1950's that I found in my father in laws paperwork.

    I've scoured the War Memorial Website, using the book and service records and have found fantastic info and pics.

    Any other suggestions where I might find other vetrans or families???

    Thanks again for your help.
  5. andy007

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    It might be worth contacting the RSL and asking them if the association is still around.
  6. spider

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    You could put an add in the DVA newspaper Vetaffairs under the Noticeboard section.

    Also contact the RSL in Victoria as it was a Vic Battalion.

    Vetaffairs June 2011
  7. Assam

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    I would suggest contacting the state RSL HQ where the Battalion was raised. All Bn Associations are listed by them with the contact details of office holders, & which sub branch the Assoc uses for their meetings. This is probably your best & easiest way of making contact.

    There is a likelyhood of a few still around, well a hell of a lot more chance than those Bn's that served in 8th div (for obvious reasons).

    hope this helps


  8. WX10280

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    Thanks so much guys - I'll get onto the Vic RSL.
  9. Stuart SS

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    Hey ~ I am the new kid on the Block and interestingly ~ the 2 /32 batt site ( after they returned from North Africa ) ~ in Far north QLD has been on of my regular Metal detecting sites ~

    I have ufortunately reached a point of saturation as the the local dam is at 79% water level ~

    But I have at least one identity disc which I have not been able to at least attempt to return to the family ~

    Also found discs on the 2/7th Cavalry which was only some 150 m from the 2/32 site ~
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  10. shellbell

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    Hi, I'm new to this...My Grandfather was in the 2/32nd Capt John Walker VX3604 KIA in New Guinea. I would love to know what information, pictures anyone has on the 2/32. I do know that every ANZAC Day a few of us relatives/descendants of 2/32 and other Battalions gather at Tobruk Hall after the march. I also have a copy of the book, if it is Britain to Borneo.
  11. Colleen Fenn

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    My father was in the 2/32nd, served in New Guinea and Borneo. Although he never spoke much about his service, I do remember him telling us about Captain Walker being KIA.
    Is anyone on this page planning to meet up in Melbourne on Anzac Day (2019)? I will be attending a local Dawn Service but happy to meet in the city.
    I’ve been searching for a battalion association as well.
  12. JDA

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    I know this is an old post but I came across a newsletter that shows the following :

    2/32nd Australia. Infantry Battalion Association Branch (NSW).

    The contact number was at Neutral Bay
    Ph: 9439 8738

    They had a reunion in 2007 at the Royal Automobile Club
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