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    Battle P2335. Failed to return from attack on enemy armour and believed crashed near Breux-sur-Avre. Possibly that claimed by Hptmn Ebbighausen (Staffelkapitan) of 4/JG26 south of Vernon 4.53pm. Flying Officer K. N. Rea killed. Sergeant F. Nixon missing. Sergeant H. P. White captured seriously wounded, died in Doullens Hospital, August 2, 1940. Aircraft WT*N a write off.

    All above info sourced from The Battle of France.

    Some good info at this link also.

    World War 2 - No. 226 RAF Squadron, May/June 1940

    Great list of useful links.
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    As promised:

    An undated Photogragph of rather jaded-looking aircrews of No.226 Squadron, then based at Reims. (The captions goes into a little Squadron background and notes the Fairey Battle behind (L5468) survived the French Campaign and was transferred to the Canadian Air Force in 1942.

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    About midnight, two squadrons were detailed to drop flares to illuminate roads, each aircraft coming in at 15 minute intervals spread over 90 minutes. Mitchells of No.226 Squadron were detailed to patrol portions of the Rouen-Beauvais road, 12 aircraft carrying out the operation between 11.30pm and 2.45am.
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    No. 137 Wing. 226 Squadron.

    Rouen Area

    Eighteen 18 Mitchells of No. 226 Squadron were detailed to attack concentrations of transport on the south bank. They took off between 4.50pm and 5.00pm but one aircraft had to return while over the Channel because of trouble with its starboard engine. The remaining aircraft reached the target about 6.00pm, dropping 136 500lb bombs from an altitude of between 11,000 and 13,000 feet. They fell on a large concentration of vehicles from which fires and large columns of smoke could be seen.

    Moderate and accurate heavy Flak was encounterd and Mitchell FW196 flown by Pilot Officer T.S.W. Harvey was hit and was forced to crash-land in Allied Territory in France. A further four Mitchells received minor damage.
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    26 August 1944

    226 Squadron 2nd Tactical Air Force.

    1800 hrs

    Mitchel II FW196 E

    Hit by flak and force-landed in Allied territory (Rouen)

    P/O. T S W. Harvey +
    F/S. L E. Bunce +
    W/O. C R. Hammel +
    F/S. J F. Chinnel +
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    No. 226 Squadron

    In order to harass German movements in the Rouen area, Mitchells and Bostons were detailed to attack an area previously marked by Mosquito's of No. 613 Squadron(138 Wing).

    Taking off between 10.55pm and 11.10pm, the 12 Mitchells of No.226 Squadron (137 Wing) were detailed to attack the target on the South Bank containing German transport. All aircraft bombed visually about midnight from 4,000 to 5,600 feet, dropping a total of 96 500lb bombs. All the bombs were reported to have fallen in the target area with spectacular results. Numerous fires were left burning on the south bank of the river where there was alarge explosion.

    The last three entries from: Ruckmarsch
  7. Wow, this thread has gotten quite large indeed.

    I was just given a photograph of my cousin, Robert Alexander Smith.

    I am hoping that this photo may help in somebody remembering him from the war who may be able to help me in my quest for Sgt. H.J. Lorkin and
    Sgt. N. Semple, who were aboard the FW 163 Mitchell that belly landed in Holland, claiming my cousins life.

    On the right is my cousin Robert, wearing sidecap, on the left is my grandfather A.S Picken ( 10 squadron/Burma) who gave the photo to me just the other day.

    Attached Files:

  8. Drew5233

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    Have you compared it to the picture I posted above?

    I can see at least one of them in it and possibly a second :D

  9. Have you compared it to the picture I posted above?

    I can see at least one of them in it and possibly a second :D



    I can't figure out which man in your photograph you are referring to.

    In my photo, on the left is my grandfather who flew only with 10 squadron, based in Burma, so he wouldn't be in your photo, and on the right is my cousin, Robert who was with 226 sqn, but I cant seem to find any similiaity to your photo and mine....

  10. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    The chap on the right (Your cousin) looks like the chap standing up in my picture.
  11. It does look like him, but I do not think it is,however, I do appreciate your efforts.
  12. Thanks to the efforts of a couple members of this forum, I was able to have my cousin placed in the virtual war memorial found here
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    Good news indeed John. Its good to see a positive result to ones research.
    Thanks for the update.

  14. Drew5233

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    Well Done matey.
  15. thanks guys!
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    My Father In Law was LAC J. Hope. We have his Log Book which records the 13th May 1940 incident when the Battle P2353 was brought down.
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    In the undated Photogragph of rather jaded-looking aircrews of No.226 Squadron, the second from the left is LAC J. Hope.
  18. Drew5233

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. The photograph comes from the After The Battle book - The Battle of France Then and Now.

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    226 Squadron, Faux-Villecerf

    Battle L5452. Colided with Anson R3341 after landing at Povan in bad visibility. Sergeant F. Evans (of No. 4 Ferry Pilots Pool) unhurt. Aircraft repairable.

    Could this be the fuselage of L5452 on a French railway wagon after capture ?

    It's either 5452 or 5451, I think.

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    226 Squadron

    Battle P2265. Lost control and abandoned near La Preve during night training exercise 10.00pm. Sergeant J. R. Branton and LAC P.K. Davies killed. Flight Sergeant W.A. Dunn baled out landing with injured head. Aircraft MQ*B a write-off.

    LAC Percy Kenyon Davies was the brother of my Neighbour.

    Any more info would be great. I've started another thread about it.

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