227 Motor Ambulance (MAC) 1944

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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to help out a family whose soldier was wounded in August 1944, whilst serving with 227 MAC (RASC) in North West Europe. I can only find a war diary for the above unit covering 1942, so have ground to a slight halt.

    Am I correct in thinking this was a Motor Ambulance unit working for the RASC rather than the RAMC? He was sent to NWE on the 19th June 1944 and evacuated to the UK on the 14th September after spending some time at the 102 General Hospital, which according to the website Scarlet Finders, had just moved to Bayeux in France.

    Can anyone had some detail on this one for me? Appreciated as always.

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    Just a little bump as I'm on a roll elsewhere.
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    I keep finding 227 RASC as Burma based - I would suggest obtaining his service records for accuracy - there was also a 227 RASC Petrol supply - cant find a 227 Ambulance or Medical section

    Royal Army Service Corps: 227 Petrol Depot (RASC)
    Burma 1942: Royal Army Service Corps: 227 Supply Personnel Section (RASC Sup Personnel...

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    It appears that 227 MAC has come up before in this forum in 2011. Shown as follows, from member Robbie56:

    I’m back and had a look at the records I mentioned above. The details were sent to me by the Ministry of Defence, Bourne Avenue.

    Enlisted into the Royal Army Service Corps Army Reserve
    Supplementary Reservists (Militiamen) 19.03.29

    Posted to Supplementary Reserve (C ) 19.03.29

    Embodied and joined 2.9.39

    Posted to General Headquarters Artillery Company 2.9.39

    Appointed Acting Lance Corporal 16.9.39

    Appointed Paid Acting Corporal 13.2.40

    Posted to Headquarters LO Command Mixed Transport 15.4.40

    Posted to Transport Directorate 25.4.40

    Appointed Paid Acting Mechanist Staff Sergeant 25.4.40

    Posted to 9 Motor Ambulance Convoy 13.5.40

    Granted War Substantive rank of Corporal 13.5.40

    Promoted War Substantive rank of Mechanist Staff Sergeant 25.7.40

    Posted to 1st. Battalion 26.7.40

    Posted to 9 Motor Ambulance Convoy 10.8.40

    Confirmed in the rank of Acting/Mechanist Quartermaster Sergeant 6.6,42

    Designated from 9 Motor Ambulance Convoy RAMC
    To 227 Motor Ambulance Convoy RASC 23.12.42

    Promoted A/11/MSM 9.1.43

    Granted War Substantive rank of Mechanist Sergeant Major 31.1.44

    Posted to 90 Company 23.3.45

    Released to Army Reserve 20.9.45

    Discharged 27.11.43

    Cause of Discharge - Attained the age of 45 with no further liability for recall.

    Service with the Colours 2.9.39 to 19.9.45

    Overseas Service - British Expeditionary Force 20.9.39 to 23.6.40
    North West Europe 19.6.44 to 2.7.45

    Medals issued 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939/45.
    The Discharge date and age agrees with his date of birth. Strange that he should be Discharged but continue to serve.
    His service with the BEF is until 23rd. June. This may indeed be a typo as he returned from Boulogne.
    As can be seen his record states that he was posted to 9 Motor Ambulance Convoy on the 13th of May. Again the 9 may be a typo.
    His record of leav shows no leave granted until early 41. I can only assume that he was overseas in the dates mentioned above.

    Robbie56, Sep 20, 2011 Report
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    227 (MAC) Company, RASC, is listed as “227 Coy”.

    WO 171/2413 227 Coy. 1944 Jan.- Dec.


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    Thanks Danny. I'll take a look at the diary next time I'm up at Kew.

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