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    I thought the following information might be of interest especially to any modellers interested in paint schemes for the Sicily campaign (source: WO169/8907):

    Appendix D.2



    9 Jul 43


    1. Attached herewith (as Appx “A”) are serials showing particulars of follow-up vehs.

    2. Waterproofing.

    All vehs in serials 43 and 48 will be waterproofed. The waterproofing of tanks is being carried out in 3 F.T.D.S. area. It is expected that w.p. material for other vehs will be available for units withing the next 24 hrs. It is not yet known whether stage 2 will be carried out in this area; instructions will be issued later. In any event, it is essential that all w.p. material, still to be applied to the vehs, accompany them when they leave this area. Bde E.M.E. will supervise all waterproofing.

    3. Timings.

    Serials 43 and 48 will be ready to move any time after 14 Jul. The dates for embarkation of other serials shown on Appx “A” are not yet known, but serials 81 and 86 will be prepared to move on or after 18 Jul and remainder 21 Jul.

    4. Vehicles.

    (a) Requirements of engines and/or vehs, by serials, will be submitted to this HQ by 0900 hrs 11 Jul.

    (b) 46 and 50 R Tanks, Bde HQ, Sigs, OFP Sec and Pro will take camouflage nets on the scale of 1 per veh.

    (c) The supplies of paint are very limited. If possible all vehs should be painted with slate grey (basic) and dark green (disruptive). Priorities are (i) tanks, (ii) D.S.Cs, (iii) 15-cwt Armd, (iv) Jeeps, (v) Cars, (vi) remainder. A small quantity of dark brown paint is available for disruptive patterns. Roundels will be touched up where necessary. Paint sprayer should be used where possible.

    (d) There are no supplies of veh canopies immediately available and future prospects for supply are not good. Units will show in their Progress Report (vide para 13) requirements (by veh types). Only those deficient or completely unserviceable will be noted.

    (e) Medical 1st Aid Kits – complete to scale.

    5. Personnel.

    (a) Units will inform this HQ by 1900 hrs 10 Jul, total number of personnel travelling in each serial.

    (b) All men will have 2 shirts angola, 2 prs trousers K.D., 1 pr shorts K.D. and 1 pr anklets. Personal scale of anti-gas equipment, boots and socks in good condition, 100% bivouacs or anti-mosquito nets.

    (c) As supplies of toilet requisites (razor blades, soap etc) in the theatre of operations will be uncertain for next few weeks, personnel should carry adequate stocks.

    - 2 -

    (d) No ordinary sterling notes, U.S. dollar notes, Canadian dollar notes, Egyptian currency, local Algerian or French currency notes should be held after landing; this will be exchanged under unit arrangements for B.M.A. shortly before embarkation.

    6. Supplies.

    (a) All personnel will carry emergency rations (one per Man).

    (b) One 48 hr mess tin ration and 2 days compo rations per man will be taken for all personnel. Units will draw these for personnel in serials 43 and 48, from 331 Coy RASC, at 0900 hrs 11 Jul.

    (c) 46 R Tanks will carry 1000 rum rations in 1st Line.

    (d) 331 Coy RASC will issued Bde HQ with 3 days AFV rations for 4 tanks (20 rations), if available.

    (e) Each veh will carry normal veh emergency reserve (24 ozs bully and biscuits for RAC units, 12 ozs for remainder). These rations will not be issued with the tanks and should, if necessary, be drawn from 331 Coy RASC.

    7. Water.

    (a) All water bottles full.

    (b) All vehs carry normal veh emergency reserve of 3 galls per man, plus an additional one gall per man.

    8. P.O.L.

    (a) Each 3-tonner or over will carry 5 full jerricans and each other veh 3 jerricans (Bantams 2).

    (b) 46 R Tanks 1st Line Loads as already laid down. Separate instructions will be issued for the loading of Bde HQ Sqn and RASC P.O.L. lorries.

    (c) Each veh (in serials 43 and 48 only) will carry a complete change of engine oil, which will be carried out on arrival if necessary.

    (d) It is essential that each veh carries a petrol funnel. Deficiencies will be made up by improvisation.

    9. Ammunition.

    (a) Loading of 46 R Tanks as already laid down. Bde HQ Sqn and RASC will receive separate instructions.

    (b) 75 grens will not be carried. Any units still in possession should return them to RASC forthwith.

    10. Disinfectants.

    The following will be taken:-

    19 lbs A L.63 )
    ½ gall Creosote )
    1½ galls Sodium Arsenite ) per 100 men
    10 Fly Catchers )
    18½ lbs A/Mosquito cream )
    1 ½ galls Flysol )

    …/Sterilising …

    - 3 -

    Sterilising Powders – 6 lbs per 100 men.
    Water Sterilising Outfits (1 per N.C.O.)
    10% Flyswats.
    10% Flitguns.
    Mepracrine – 8 tablets per man.

    11. G.1098 Equipment.

    Units will inform B.O.W.O. as soon as possible of any serious shortages in G.1098 equipment, other than those items mentioned above.

    12. Mail.

    As notified in this HQ Adm Instruction No. 32 dated 9 Jul.

    13. Progress Report.

    A Progress Report will be submitted at the times stated, to this HQ, as follows:-

    Serials 43 and 48 0900 hrs 11 Jul

    1800 hrs 13 Jul

    Remaining Serials 0900 hrs 12 Jul

    0900 hrs 16 Jul


    [sgd: ?? Capt for]


    Time of Signature…0830
    Method of issue…D.R….


    46 R Tanks
    50 R Tanks
    HQ Sqn
    306 T.D.T.
    331 Coy RASC
    23 Ord Fd Pk Sec
    150 Lt Fd Amb
    Tac HQ, 23 Armd Bde
    2nd in Comd
    GSO. III
    War Diary
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    I thought this Signal Layout (Appx 'W' to Op Order No 31 of 29 Jul 43) might also be of interest:

    WO169-8907 - 23 Armd Bde OO No. 31 - 29 Jul 43 - Appx A - Sig Layout.JPG
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    I wonder if "Slate grey" is the same as the "Slate" used in the Caunter scheme? That had a rather dark and slightly green appearance, actually.
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    Hi Chris, good question, sadly I can't help you. But if I come across any more references to paint schemes I'll post them up.

    In the meantime, here is another admin order, this one for the elements of the Brigade landing in the initial stages in Sicily. Same source:

    Appendix G.1



    23 ARMD BDE ADM ORDER No. 31.

    3 Jul 43.


    1. As already communicated verbally and in OO No. 29.


    2. To maintain 50 R TANKS (52 M4A2’s), Bde Tac HQ (4 M4A2’s) and det 46 R TANKS (20 M4A2’s) (when reverted to Bde) from available resources, until follow up convoys arrive.


    3. Maintenance Plan.

    (a) The greater part of 50 R TANKS adm vehs are landing on AMBER Beach during D Day, with a small follow up on D plus 2.

    (b) 8 amn vehs are being landed for det 46 R TANKS on D Day and a further 2 on D plus 3, but no P.O.L. vehs.

    (c) 52 load carriers of 331 Coy RASC are landing on D plus 2.

    (d) There is no 2nd line for det 46 R TANKS.

    (e) Quantities of amn, P.O.L. and rations available are shown in following paras.

    (f) 30 Corps FMC will be established in area 9595 as soon as possible. Until then maintenance will be from BEACH BRICK.

    (g) Location of various Beach installations is shown on plan attached as Appx “A”.

    (h) Until arrival of 331 Coy vehs, 50 R TANKS will be responsible for own maintenance. Similarly det 46 R TANKS will maintain itself until rejoining Bde or arrival of 331 Coy, whichever is later.

    (i) Amn and P.O.L. being landed from LCT’s will be used up by 50 R TANKS before drawing on BEACH BRICK.

    4. Amn.
    The total quantities available per gun per day during the first 22 days ( D to D plus 21) are as follows:-

    75 mm .300 2” Smk
    50 R TANKS 50 800 11
    (see letter of 25 Jun)
    46 R TANKS 43 700 -

    … /5. …

    - 2 -

    5. P.O.L.

    (a) P.O.L. is being put ashore either on wheels or into the BEACH BRICK to give the following daily running per tk or “B” veh for first 22 days (this includes the initial fill in the veh tk):-
    Tanks (AGO) Wheels (Pet)

    50 R TANKS 30 43
    46 R TANKS 25 40
    Bde HQ 29 42

    (b) Lubricants are being landed for a complete oil change for all vehs. If not required this will be handed into BEACH Gp Petrol Depot. 1st and 2nd line tpt will carry and maintain 10% and 6% of all P.O.L. loads respectively.

    6. Sups.

    (a) Bde units less det 46 R TANKS are carrying rations for consumption D to D plus 8 incl. This includes 3 days in 2nd line tpt (see this HQ letters of 8 and 18 Jun 43).

    (b) Det 46 R TANKS are carrying rations only to incl D plus 3. They will therefore be rationed by 331 Coy from BEACH BRICK from date of joining Bde.

    (c) 1 rum issue on 50 R TANKS 1st line tpt, and 2 issues on 2nd line tpt.

    (d) 3 days AFV rations on tks of 50 R TANKS and Bde HQ.

    7. Water.

    (a) All vehs will carry 4 galls per man, plus 1 gall in each of 1st and 2nd line.

    (b) Ration for the Bde initially will be 1 gall per man. It may be necessary to reduce this to ½ gall if replenishment is causing difficulty.

    (c) RAPs and ADS’s are allowed an additional 20 and 30 galls per day respectively.

    8. Medical.
    (a) 1st Aid Kit on all vehs.
    (b) 1 M.O. with Bde HQ, 1 with det 46 R TANKS, and 1 with each Sqn 50 R TANKS.
    (c) 51 (H) Div Medical Instruction attached as Appx “B”.
    (d) Probable medical embarkation point for 231 Bde, Beach at 893902.

    9. Ord.
    There will be a gradual build up of Ord stores into the BEACH BRICK.
    O.F. P. will deal with all Ord demands until BOWO arrives.

    - 3 -

    10. R.E.M.E.

    (a) After Bde Wksps lands, 3 Tractors with 50 R TANKS will rejoin Rec Sec, which will be formed up under Bde Comd’s orders.
    (b) Bde Wksps will be responsible for maintenance of AFVs of 11 R.H.A. and Scorpion Regt.
    (c) A.D.O.S. 51 (H) Div is landing 15 tons of Sherman spares for the Bde on D Day which should be drawn by Bde O.F.P. at the earliest opportunity.

    11. P.W.
    (a) 20 Beach Gp is establishing a cage on AMBER BEACH.
    (b) P.W. on RED or GREEN BEACHES will be sent back in LCTs returning to FINANCE until it is possible to reach this cage.

    12. Pro.
    (a) A very small Pro det is accompanying Bde HQ.
    (b) LEITH WALK will be 2-way. Likely exits from the beach are shown in Appx “A”.
    (c) Traffic circuit map is attached at Appx “C”. All rds and tracks will be marked as in this Appx.
    (d) A few simple rules of the rd are attached as Appx “D”.
    (e) All ranks will be warned of the absolute necessity of clearing the rd immediately when a piloted car demands priority. (See this HQ letter A.20/126 of 18 Jun).

    13. Postal.

    (a) Each man prior to embarkation will fill in a redirection card, which will be collected by units and handed to Bde Postal Sec for disposal.
    (b) Bde Postal Sec remains with Main Bde. Mail will be delivered normally to Units, who will segregate that for personnel who have embarked, and return it to Postal Sec for forwarding under arrangements of 30 Corps.

    14. Returns.
    (a) A.F. W3006 will be rendered to Bde HQ by 0800 hrs daily showing position at 0600 hrs.
    (b) The following adm report will be rendered to Bde HQ by 1900 hrs nightly showing position up to 1800 hrs by 50 R TANKS, det 46 R TANKS (when reverted to Bde), and 331 Coy RASC (to cover Bde as constituted):-

    A. - No. of days rations held.

    B. - No of days water held at 1 gall.

    CX - No of miles P.O.L. held for tks.

    CY - No of miles P.O.L. held for wheels.

    DX - Expenditure (by firing) of 75 mm HE amn ) During

    DY - Expenditure (by firing) of 75 mm AP amn ) last

    DZ - Expenditure (by firing) of 75 mm Smk amn ) 24 hrs

    … / FX …

    - 4 -

    FX - Deficiencies of 75 mm HE amn ) During

    FY - Deficiencies of 75 mm AP amn ) last

    FZ - Deficiencies of 75 mm Smk amn ) 24 hrs.

    H. - Any special difficulties.

    15. Follow-up Flights.
    (a) Bde less units immediately engaged in operations is moving to area SOUTH of MONASTIR, 7 Jul.
    (b) The following follow-ups have been allowed for by 51 (H) Div.

    Priority “B” Men Vehs Remarks.
    50 R TANKS 121 38
    Bde HQ 140 60 incl Sigs, Pro, ADS,
    and RAOC stores sec.
    Bde Wksps 66 41 incl T.D.T.

    Priority “C”
    Bde HQ 127 50 incl Sigs, Pro, ADS,
    and RAOC stores sec.
    331 Coy RASC 20 8 to complete to 60 load
    carriers for 50 R TANKS.

    (c) Independently of above, the following follow-up has been requested from 30 CORPS for 46 R TANKS.

    If 20 tks only are involved, 27 unit vehs and 16 vehs of 331 Coy RASC.

    If whole unit is involved, all tracks and wheels of unit, L.A.D. and Sigs Sec, plus minimum of 50 vehs of 331 Coy RASC and 20 vehs of 150 Lt Fd Amb.


    16. Adm W/T layout as in Appx “W” to OO No. 29. When det 46 R TANKS comes under comd Bde, its adm W/T set will net to Bde adm frequency.


    [sgd: ??]



    METHOD OF ISSUE … ?? 30 Corps

    - 5 -


    50 R Tanks

    231 Bde (for det 46 R Tanks)

    46 R Tanks

    HQ Sqn

    Bde Sigs

    331 Coy RASC

    Bde Wksps

    ‘Q’ Main 30 Corps

    Rear 51 (H) Div



    Staff Capt



    War Diary

    And I also copied Appx 'A':

    WO169-8907 - 23 Armd Bde Adm Order No 31 - 3 Jul 43 - Appx A.JPG

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