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    Can anyone help me determine the location of where the 29 Armoured Brigade were based in 1943 and 1944 up to embarking for Normandy. Scarborough area possibly?
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    Certainly not Scarborough? Depends on which Regiment you are researching. They were part of 11th Armoured Division so were based at least in part at Bridlington and Chippenham Park near Newmarket. Not sure where they were just before embarkation to Normandy. The answers will be in the War Diary or the Divisional history 'Taurus Pursuant'.
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    Thanks, will check out Taurus Pursuant.
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    Several copies on eBay at the moment.
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    2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry were located as follows:

    Bridlington Camp - Jan 43
    Various exercises in the are through June 1943
    Rudston, 5 miles from Bridlington from June 1943
    Moved into winter quarters in Bridlington in October 1943
    Exercises continued
    Moved into barracks at Warburg Barracks, Aldershot in April 1944
    11 June 1944 to Camp A2 near Portsmouth then to France.

    These are the major moves that a quick scan of the war diary indicated. I will see what I have on the other two regiments.
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    Here is a summary of the period for the 23rd Hussars:

    It moved into winter quarters on October 17th at Chippenham Camp, near Newmarket. It visited Castlemartin Ranges from December 24th to January 3rd, 1943. It was warned to be ready to move soon and the tanks were sent off for transit to North Africa on February 5th, but the move was once again cancelled. The tanks returned back to Chippenham on February 10th. The regiment was relatively idle since there were no training tanks and the regular tanks were over the recommended mileage. The regiment was reorganised in March into squadrons of five troops with four tanks at Squadron HQ. In the spring, it moved to the Stanford Battle Area for a week brigade training on May 1st then it was involved in Exercise Sabre from May 16th to 20th. After the exercise, the regiment received its first Shermans, which were to replace the Crusaders. The 23rd moved to Bridlington, Yorkshire and the Shermans continued to arrive. For a time the squadrons had a double allotment of Shermans and Crusaders before the latter were sent off. Exercise Eagle took place next on July 7th and was followed by a regimental camp at Butterwick on the Yorkshire Wolds. VIII Corps’ Exercise Hawk followed on July 22nd and gun exercises at Hornsea Ranges, Spaunton Moor and Riccall Bridge.

    During August and September a plethora of vehicles arrived. The regiment was involved in Exercise Blackcock from September 24th to October 3rd and at the ranges in Kircudbrightshire on October 24th. Also from September until it moved to Aldershot, the 23rd visited the ranges at Fylingdale and Hornsea. At the start of the New Year, it received 17-pounder Shermans. The Reconnaissance Troop took on Stuarts after having first having carriers and then Crusaders. New AA Crusaders arrived but these were given up after the battle of Caen. On March 31st. 1944 the main party left for Aldershot. The equipment was sent to the embarkation ports on June 8th and the regiment moved to Gosport on the 11th. The advance party left for France on June 13th.
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    Here is the summary for the 24th Lancers:

    On October 17th, 1942 the regiment moved to Chippenham Park, near Newmarket in Cambridgeshire, where the Crusader Mk III began to replace the Crusader Mk Is. From February 4th to 8th, the 24th Lancers were warned for service in North Africa, moved to the embarkation port, and loaded the tanks before the move was cancelled. It then returned back to Chippenham Park. On April 15th, 1943 the regiment began to equip with Sherman Mk V Tanks (M4A1) with the first arriving in early April. The regiment moved to Bridlington, Yorkshire on June 10th, where more Shermans arrived including Sherman Mk IIIs (M4A2) that were taken on in early June. Gradually the 24th had all Sherman IIIs when they were handed over to the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, when the 24th left the brigade on February 6th, 1944.
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    The 3rd Royal Tank Regiment joined the brigade at Bridlington in February 1944. Its moved mirrored that of the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry from that point onward.
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    Interesting reading and thanks for posting. My particular subject was posted to the 29 Armoured Brigade REME workshop on December 1943 then embarked to Normandy on June 15th 1944. Would like to know exactly where he was when with the 29 Armoured Brigade in the period stated. SDP mentioned Bridlington and Chippenham Park, perhaps mention of the REME workshop might help?
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    The other three regiments you mean?! The third being the Brigade's Motor Battalion: The 8th Rifle Brigade. I'm currently piecing together their whereabouts in 1943. Part of this has already been added to Getting ready - 8th Rifle Brigade. Any additional information or photos (e.g. from the numerous exercises which were held) are more than welcome!

    430125 - 8RB (poss) 6 Pounders Insp HM King - IWM H26780 - cut2.jpg
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