2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Just a small clarification. When applying for copy service records of someone who died during WW2, the MOD will accept a copy of the CWGC certificate instead of death certificate.

    This can be downloaded/printed via casualty entry on their website. See "Download commemorative certificate (PDF)"
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    Dear John,

    That would be fabulous. How do I access the private messaging? Also looking forward to being able to buy your book!
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    It's easy. I'll send you a message and you will see a notification in Inbox at top right of the Home page. Once we are in comms we can take it from there.

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    This letter posted in May'45 - to Sgt. Ben Symes - SRY - from Sgt. "Spud" Taylor - 2nd Fife & Forfar - both were previously "C" Squadron Sergeants in the 24th Lancers (prior to August'44 - when the 24th L was disbanded in Normandy)


    7928109 Sgt. Taylor
    "C" Squadron,
    2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry,
    My dear Ben,
    Just a short note to send you greetings on this day of days, and to confirm that all is well with yours truly, despite the efforts of the bazooker boys during recent days!
    Marg. tells me that she has heard from Phyl who mentions that you have been home on leave - at last. Good for you! What did you think of the recent addition to the family? Is the poor child really like you, or has fate been kinder!!?
    Joking apart though, Ben, it must have been a great reunion, and now that things have reached this peaceful stage out here, you must be feeling pretty good. I know I am, anyhow.
    Won't stop for more now. I've a whole pile of correspondence to see to and I'm trying to catch up, so cheerio, old lad,
    Yours, Spud.
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    Good evening! I can see these are pages 61 and 63 of the diary. We have just adopted the grave of
    Captain Roger Horace Albert Gregory (29 of age)
    Service number 164277
    Royal Armoured Corps / 2nd Fife and ForfarYeomanry
    Deceased on 18-10-1944. We think we could find more information about his last days, which are exactly missing between page 61 and 63. Would you also have page 62? Best regards from The Netherlands
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    Is this what you need? 2FFY 61.jpeg
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    Yes! Oh, thank you so very much! Highly appreciated! We are trying to find out as much as we can. Again, thank you!

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