2nd House Hold Cav 1944

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    Can someone tell me how a troop did look like (number of armoured cars, type, number of men, weapons etc.) I am especialy interested in B Troops !
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    Commando -
    seems to me that I recall that the Households were set up as an Armoured regiment with four cars per troop with 12 - 16 men per troop - depending on the vehicles used at the time - four troops per squadron - Daimler Dingos;' ( as shown on Drews Clip ) were usually held in HQ troop - the vehicles varied from the Harrtington's of the Cherry Picker's ( 11th Hussars) in the early desert - the 1922 versions of Rolls Royce - to the main Humber cars - and finally the Staghound and Greyhounds of the American units - these were of course usually Recce units -

    when the 16/5th Lancers were in Austria with Sherman Mk1v's - in 1946 - they were made into a recce unit with Staghounds and Greyhounds and shipped out to Lybia and Egypt for a spell - then back to the Uk as Battle group with Challenger 11's then back as a recce unit for the firstGulf then a Battle group for second Gulf - now they appear to be permanent recce with fancy scimitar and a few new types of Light Tanks - so the MOD still play games but not with the Households ! They daren;t !
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    Slightly off topic they provided a light armoured support for 16 Air Assault during Op Telic and I believe that is still their role today.
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    Nice work Singe, see your still keeping busy with the Website all the best

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