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  1. Steph Brightmore

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    Hi all

    I've been looking for details on 36th Fortress Company RE. My Grandad was a Sapper in this unit and ultimately became a FE POW in Burma.

    I'm having the war diary copied in the coming weeks from Kew but wondered if anyone knows anything about this unit?. I cant seem to find much information about it at all.

    I dont think the war diaries will be of much substance since once they were captured it may have been impossible to keep records.

  2. timuk

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    Presumably you have also discovered this file. Missing personnel files can contain some unexpected information. There are Forum members who will copy files for you at very reasonable rates.
    The National Archives, United Kingdom
    WO 361/261: Malaya: 36th Fortress Company. Royal Engineers; missing personnel
    Covering Date:
    01/06/1943 - 30/11/1945
    Scope and Content:
    Correspondence, statements and lists of personnel serving in the 36th Fortress Company. Royal Engineers in Malaya who were reported killed or missing. Includes note on the fate of some of the company and on the last days before the surrender.
    Accession Number:
    WO 361/261

    Edited to add:
    WO 361/1427 36th Fortress Company RE - Nominal Roll
    This is the Roll compiled by BRE in Changi on surrender and will contain information on where the POWs were initially sent.

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  3. Steph Brightmore

    Steph Brightmore New Member

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the pointers. I had seen the reference on the national archives associated with missing personnel but to honest I dismissed it as my grandfather somehow made it through the war and returned to the UK, as you say though it may be worth getting a copy.

    Thanks for your help


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