3rd (8th Bn. The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) Regt Reconnaissance Corps Roll of Honour

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    Hi Roger, I think that the clerk has it wrong as I have Mulvey, T listed in This Band of Brothers (ROH), The Reconnaissance Journal - Memorial Number - Summer 1950, British 3rd Division Casualty Figures and R.O.H. 1944-45 and of course CWGC. My father was in 56 Recce and in his case a clerk listed him as Mitchell J not T as it should have been but the army No was correct.

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    Yesterday i visited the grave of C. Williams 14201895 of the 3e Recc burried in Budel Dorplein Holland. Is there more information about the resean of his dead.

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    Rene Vos
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    Hello Rene,

    From 3 Recce Regt’s War Diary for 21 Sept 1944:

    0830. A and C Sqns begin recce to EAST towards WEERT and canal line BOIS LE DUC between NEDERWEERT and ZOMEREN .
    Contact made with small parties of enemy inf armed with small arms and bazookas.
    Liaison with 11 Armd Div.
    RHQ moves to MAARHEEZE.
    Last light: A Sqn area DORPLEIN; B Sqn area DE HUTTEN;
    C Sqn just NORTH of WEERT on main road to EINDHOVEN.

    Also, from the Regiment’s Missing Personnel file, there is a report for 21 September 1944. Although it does not refer to Tpr Williams it gives an idea of what the Regiment were doing that day.

    View attachment 3 RECCE Missing Personnel 1944 09 21.pdf


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    Rene welcome to the forum

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    A relative, Trooper John William George Carter 14238437, 3rd 8th Bn died on 15th August 1944. I am visiting Normandy later this month and would like to know if there is any information on the action in which he was killed.

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    Casualty Details

    Service No:13021650
    Date of Death:27/07/1944
    Regiment/Service:Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C. 3rd (8th Bn. The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) Regt. Grave Reference: I. E. 15.
    Additional Information:Son of Charles and Elizabeth Deville, of Walsall, Staffordshire; husband of Betty Louise Deville, of Delves, Walsall.
    Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle 12 August 1944.png

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    D thanks for posting

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    I belong to the Stockport Normandy Veterans and Friends and we have 2 surviving members of the 3 RECCE amongst our members. Does anyone know of any planned memorial services or re-unions? I have to ask them, but I'm sure they would be pleased to attend. Thanks.
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    I am the Mayor of Montsecret, a village in Normandy liberated by the 3rd Recce on the 15th of August 1944. Five men died there and we commemorate their memory each year. I would be very intérested in having a contact with the two veterans of the 3rd Recce you know.

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