3rd The King's Own Hussars B Squadron

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    Hello, I believe these men are from B Squadron, 3rd The King's Own Hussars c. 1940-1944. I am looking for any info anyone can provide/clues - the names are written on the back but I don't think they're in order:

    Lt. Chilcott
    Sgt. Elliott
    Cpl. Kirby (bottom left)
    Cpl. Macfarlane
    L/Cpl. Coleman
    L/Cpl. Sinnott
    L/Cpl. Farmer
    L/Cpl. Ruane
    Tpa. Rice
    Tpa. Goody
    Tpa. Reynolds
    Tpa. Gundall

    Thank you in advance!

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    Lt Richard Chilcott is mentioned in Pippin's Progress by Richard Heseltine as being with B Squadron 3H. p242

    The Army Lists has him with the
    1940 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards as a 2nd Lieutenant
    1941 RAC as Lieutenant
    1942 4/7 RDG as Lieutenant

    The photo is circa 1941.
    The other names don't come up in the Forgotten Squadron except possibly Farmer. There is a POW Sgt Albert Farmer.

    Regards, Kay

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