421330 Cpl J.A Morland, East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm trying to research the following for a mate of mine, it's his grandad:
    421330 Cpl John Alexander Morland East RidingYorkshire Yeomanry.
    He served in WW2 from 1939 - 1946, I have court mounted his medal and he has the following:
    1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, Victory Medal, and Territorial Efficiency.
    I am really struggling to find anything on him at all, its almost as if his Regt number is not registered or known, pretty strange one.
    Any help, assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks
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    1st Battalion Info here - 1 The East Riding Yeomanry

    2nd Battalion Info here - 2 The East Riding Yeomanry

    Nothing coming up when searching 1939-145 casualty database on FMP which suggests he wasn't killed, wounded or taken POW.

    Brief history here: http://www.museums.eastriding.gov.uk/EasySiteWeb/GatewayLink.aspx?alId=431093

    And if you can afford £45 much more info here: FORRARD THE STORY OF THE EAST RIDING YEOMANRY written by Mace, Paul, STOCK CODE: 1708894 : Stella & Rose's Books

    But you cant be absolutely certain this is the right stuff until you have his Service Records

    Hope this helps

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    The East Riding Yeomanry was part of the 33rd Armoured Brigade (Sherman tanks). In January 1945 - after being committed in the Ardennes or "Battle of the Bulge" as the Americans called it - the regiment converted to 'Buffaloes' for the Rhine Crossing operation in March 1945.

    British Shermans in the Ardennes - Jan 45; in this case tanks of the 144 RAC, 33rd Armoured Bde.

    For the buffaloos also see: Public Tanks and RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew')
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    Thanks for all your comments and advice guys - appreciated

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